25 November 2007

Today is my 4th week blog day!

Today is the fourth week of me having my own blog. Alhamdulillah that this blog is still breathing :) although sometimes it gets attacked by the 'asthma' hehehehehehehe

Starting from next month I will celebrate my blog day monthly. Hope that I will remember the 28th of every month because this blog was first created on October 28th 2007.

Thank you so much to my loving, caring and understanding hb and girls. I am also thankful to my friends here who are always supporting me to make sure that this blog is still alive.

* This cake was specially made for my 4th week blog day :)
but I gave it away to my good neighbour :D
I will give the recipe later ;)
OK :p

1 comment:

Kak Pah Sherry said...

Kak E..comelnya kek..hehehehe siap ada smbtn yg ke 4 mgu blog lagi... mesti blog ni seronok dpt tuan mcm Kak E ni ye...