27 November 2009

Happy Eidul Adha & Happy Birthday to Baby @ Adlin

Picture taken from : http://javeria.wordpress.com/2007/12/20/eid-ul-adha-mubarak/

Happy eidul adha to all muslims...

Makanan kegemarannya tiramisu
Selain itu juga ayam masak berlada
Selamat Hari Jadi buat anak bungsu
Semoga Allah berkati hidup anakda

Besides this special day, eidul adha, we are also celebrating Baby's/Adlin's 11th birthday. We wish Baby a happy birthday!

This year Baby didn't have a big birthday party like in the past years. No friends to celebrate with because we are in Singapore... so Baby celebrated her birthday with her cousins, grandma/pa, aunties, uncles, mum and sisters. Just a family party! However we guess that the birthday present that she wishes for, will now come true! (Baby: Hope that you will look after it because it is not easy to get it! :p )

* umie made a birthday cake for Baby but the photos hasn't been uploaded yet - will put some photos here later ;)

Wishing you everything happy for your birthday dear...

8 November 2009

So slow...

Those are my faux cuppies - now owned by kak shida and leyza

Kak Ann masak ulam pegag
Pegaga dikutip hingga ke senja
Hari minggu bersama keluarga
Duduk rehat dan tidur sahaja

Lately, I seldom update this blog. I don't know why, I am so lazy to do anything... not only to update this blog but also any other work that i have to do at home. I prefer to lie down and of course sleep. This makes me put on weight hehehehehe :P

Actually I don't really have any interesting to write or share. everything is just as usual. I don't have recipes to share because I seldom cook, even on weekends. We just get whatever we can for our meals ;) Moreover, my children can prepare their own meals so that makes me even lazier hehehehehehe :D

Today I felt that the day went by so slowly, maybe because i didn't do much work. I plan to make 'epok-epok sardin' for kakak but I'm not in the mood. However, I will try to gather some strength and gain some mood so that I can sit in the kitchen and make some epok-epok for tea time later this afternoon :)

I'll update my 'epok-epok sardin' if I manage to make it ;) Just wait and see hehehehehe :p

2 November 2009

Itni My Beloved Cat ;)

Tomei kucing watierman
Nak masuk bilik tak dikasi
Bear putih menjadi teman
Itni berehat di atas kerusi

Itni is our second cat after Chiku. For me, amongst all, she is the well behaved cat. She is very quite but knows how to please me whenever I am in a bad mood. Maybe because of that, i give more love to her hehehehehe It doesn't means that i don't love the other cats aahhhh :p, it is just because she is very good at cooling me down when i am very angry.

If she wanted something she will come a stroke herself and that will make me think twice to let her down. Lately Itni's weight is dropping because of her gum infections. We have taken her to the vet but her illness never went. We have to get the medicine again but we were told that it's not good for her health in the long term :(

I really want Itni to be in good shape like before... If her weight keeps dropping, we will have to take her to the vet again and this time we will take her to another vet to see if there is any difference on the treatment and medicines. Please Itni... get well and be chubby like before...