30 April 2010

Umie's Decoration Box

Umie decorated this box for an exchange gift. She likes to give something she made by herself. As usual, everytime umie does something, I would like to help @ disturb :p

After umie was done, I went to have a look @ check how it is, especially to know if there is anything in the box. I found nothing because umie hasn't put anything in yet. So I was thinking that it would be fun if I could sit/hide in it... :D

Unfortunately, the box is too small for me... So I think i should go and find something else to play with... I wanted to play with Xing Yun but she's sleeping... What a boring day...

This is what umie has done to the box. She decorated it with some flowers and silver ribbon. I guess the combination of the two colours are a good match...

To add some character to the box, umie added small ribbon flowers with similar colours as the big flowers. The ribbon flowers look sweet when attached to the edges of the box ;)

I love the silver 'lace' that umie put on the box. I was playing with it when umie took the box away from me :( She doesn't want me to ruin her decorated box. Besides the box, umie will also add in a cute little duckling and some handmade bookmarks as the exchange gift :D Hope the person who will receive umie's gift will like it as much as I do :)

28 April 2010

Envy before and after surgery...

Envy is not as active as before :-S

Early this month, Envy had to be admitted to the vet clinic because she had a lump under her cheek. Only after a week she could return home. She looks so skinny.... she lost her weight and that makes umie so sad an worry... We don't want to loose her like our beloved Itni because that what happened to Itni (she slowly lost her weight) :(

Envy lost her weight :(

After almost a month, now she is back to normal but her weight is still not very impressing... she seems to like 'human food' so much but umie doesn't want her to eat 'human food' as it's not healthy for furkids. Umie bought a new brand of imported food for us and it's quite expensive compared to SP or AIMS. Envy has made umie sad when she doesn't want to eat the food at all. I don't like it as well! Hehehehehe but I still eat it just to please my umie :p ( I am a good boy right :P)

Envy - before the surgery

What makes umie a bit unhappy when we don't eat the 'new food' is because she bought a big bag! (7-8kg) Who is going to finish it??? (umie might give it away or feed the stray cats outside - but the problem is... even the stray cats don't like it! hehehehee) This means that umie has to get us a different food if we keep ignoring it...

ermmmmm what a mistake umie has done! (actually umie has gave us a try and it seems that Chiku likes it so much but now he doesn't like it as well ) so... we have to eat it before umie gets us new food... The problem is we prefer not to eat and be hungry... ermmmm that's really a bad attitudes... (but I am not that bad ehhhhh)

Envy - after the surgery

Hope Envy will be back to her normal shape... She is my best sister I ever had and I really want her to be healthy and happpy...

26 April 2010

A long silence... Now guess what I found?!

Salam and hello to everyone...

It's such a long silence... Our blog has not been updated for almost 3 weeks! This is due to the internet problem we had - our modem was struck by the lightning :S Therefore we can't do anything... Our sisters and ayah have rang the technician and they had guided them to mend and overcome the problem but it's still not working. The internet shows it's alright but its did not connect to the web. We have to wait until TMNet find the real problem!

Although we don't spend time with the internet, we had other things to do. The sisters have to go to school and tuitions (day and night), umie has to do her daily job - drop and fetch the girls to and back from school. Lately umie is not very well so she spends her time sleeping :P (what a lazy umie hehehehehe).

For me, Chiku, Envy and Xing Yun, we spend our time playing. We like to play outside and umie doesn't like it. Umie will try to make us stay inside but we find it's boring... Outside we can play with so many things - especially with the birds on the tree in front of our house. Besides that we also like to catch small creatures. Can you see what I found in the picture above? I found it outside and took it home to show umie but umie doesn't seem to like what I have found :(

errrmmmm I guess I have to stop for now... I will write about our Envy in the next post - she had a surgery before and now she's fine :)

Take care...

5 April 2010

I love cuppies!

I love to play with umie' cuppies! Those cuppies were made from felt. I know that umie is not happy when i play with it but i just can't resist it! Umie and kakak made the cuppies as a gift for umie's friends. Umie and kakak like to make hand crafts . They also prefer to give presents/gifts from their hand made stuffs :p

Umie and kakak made 'vanilla flavoured cuppies with strawberry topping' and 'choc cuppies with vanilla cream topping' :) It's really yummy! The big sunflower plate is umie's birthday present given by Izul. Umie seems to like it so much. Thank you for those who gave umie presents on her birthday. This year, umie got two surprise party from her friends and those who love her :p

Umie packed the cuppies and decorated it with pink and blue ribbon flowers with silver beads. Is anyone out there interested?

1 April 2010

Happy Birthday To Umi-e & Umi-Teh

We would like to wish umi-e and her twin sister, umi-Teh a Happy Birthday. We pray and wish for all their dreams to come true. The picture shown below that it was given to umie in 1990 on her 25th birthday. Umie likes to keep and will always keep anything given to her and until now umie still has her soft toys given by our ayah when they were dating more than 20 years ago ;)

Actually we are not very happy because our sister, Envy was in the vet clinic - she has to be 'warded' for few days. Umie will pick her up on umie's birthday if she's ok. I will write about Envy after she is out from the clinic. Love you all...