31 May 2010

HERO ~ two front legs were chopped! ~

This is HERO

Yesterday, umie with our human sisters when to Papa Meow's place to meet HERO, a special cat whose two front legs were chopped by an inhuman person. At first our kakaks wanted to take me and Xing Yun with them so that we can meet our furfriends but we were not around (hiding somewhere) so they left wihtout us :-S

Umie made a cake for HERO - actually he didn't eat the cake and the human finished it :p

When the first time umie and the kakaks watched the video from the You Tube, they felt so sorry for the poor kitty :( They hoped and wished that they could meet the lucky kitty because he is such a hero for having a strong will to live even without his two front legs...

It was by chance that HERO's owner who saved him and looks after him until now planned to meet Papa Meow at his home. Therefore umie and our three kakaks went there to personally meet HERO and other cats too.

HERO lets umie to pet him :)

I am so lucky that when I was abundant at the road side, I just broke my jaw and kakak saved me. Same with Xing Yun, although her leg was fractured but she didn't lose hers like what happened to HERO :(

Please click at the video of HERO to see how he looks like from the time he was saved and until now... You can also do some donation for him. He is a truely HERO!

30 May 2010

Tag & Award

This award was given by Brad and umie thought that this award is a great honor because now umie seldom cooks. Thank you very much to Brad for this honourable award ;)

Sorry to meowwmania because umie missed the tag she gave earlier... Sorry again OK! Actually umie remembers that she has a tag from someone but she can't find it. Thanks for reminded umie. So here are the answers of the tag - It is quite a simple tag which umie has to write 23 words randomly that could describe umie. Here are the words...

1. adore 2. amour 3. angel 4. beloved 5. cherish
6.cares 7. devote 8. dear 9.darling 10. enjoy
11. emotion 12. excitement 13.enchant 14. fantasy 15. fond
16. feel 17. fancy 18.love 19. lovable 20. like
21.hugs 22. spicy 23. sweetheart

Umie was also given a Tag by Mumun and the Tag needs umie to write anything using the A-Z alphabets. The complete tag can be seen below...

A- Anil was umie's first cat that could massage ;)

B - But he didn't live long because he got jaundice and passed away on umie's lap 30 years ago.

C - Cats are the animals umie loves most.

D - Dogs are clever but umie got a trauma and phobia since she was chased by a dog when she was around 7 years old.

E - E is umie's nick name and almost 90% those who know umie call he by that name 'E, Sis E, Auntie E, Umi E'.

F - Forever Friends stuff are among umie's and kakak's collections.

G - Good friends are those who are always there when you need help.

H - Home Sweet Home is where umie likes to be at any time :p

I - Itni was umie's beloved cat that just passed away in February 2010

J - Jenny is umie's best friend during secondary school.

K - Kakak has same hobbies and interest as umie :)

L - Lemonade is umie's favourite drink ;)

M - Mahzuz (its me!) is umie's favourite kitty :P huhuhuhuhu

N - Nothing can replace our love for umie :-*

O - Old Kitty is one of our sweet cyber friends :)

P - Peace and No War!

Q - Quickly! That's umie's favourite words :p hehehehehe

R - Rats will never ever be brave enough to come into our house ;)

S - Smiles will keep you look young always :p

T - Take care and have a good rest :)

U - Until we meet again in the next entry :-*

V - Very Soon Ok!

W - Will think of what to write :-S huhhhhhhhhhh

X - Xing Yun is my best friend! (umie said that she is my sister because we are under one roof)

Y - Yes! I agree that Xing Yun is my sister because she is always nice to me.

Z - Zzzzzzz time for me to sleep because I am tired from writing up this entry... So I must stop now...




22 May 2010

Envy is envious :p

Last year umie made birthday cakes for her friend's daughter. Umie made two cakes for her because she wanted to bring one to her school so that she could share with her friends and the other one was for her party at home. Last month when umie met them in a party, the cute little girl reminded her parents to ask umie to make her a birthday cake again. Umie doesn't want to let her down so umie made her a double heart shape cake with a little princess on top of it.

Envy showed interest in the cake...Actually she is envious of umie's friend's daughter for getting a cake with a little princess. I guess she also wants a cake like that for her birthday. The problem is that we don't know when her exact birthday is because ayah took her home when she was quite big ;)

It's ok Envy... umie will make you a cake like what Chiku had on his birthday :p and for me... on my birthday next year, I will ask umie to make me a heart shaped cake as well because my birthday is on the valentine's day :D

OK friends, happy weekends and happy 7th birthday to Tihani Ayu Karmila :-*



20 May 2010

Envy's New Collar!

Kakak watched the anime of nyankoi and she fell in love with Josephine's collar. It was a coincidence that Envy lost her collar so Kakak decided to make a new collar for her.

Since Kakak doesn't know how to use the sewing machine so she asked umie to help her with the sewing. Kakak did the template and cut the fabrics out. It did't take too long for them to finish making the completed product.

Here is Envy with her new collar. She seems to not be bothered by it. She just wears the collar as usual without making much fuss. Now Kakak and umie plan to make one for Xing Yun but they will make her a different colour.

I wanted a new collar too! But I don't think that the collar will suit me since I am a male cat :p I wonder if Kakak can come up with a new idea for my new collar. I don't think she will make it though... since she's so busy with her studies... So I just have to wait patiently :(

Hope you don't have a Troublesome Thursday :P



16 May 2010


In Malaysia, every year, 16th May is a Teacher's Day. This special day is dedicated to all the teachers. Teacher's Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm even though it is a working day. Teachers are very special people and part of a student's life. A teacher is like a candle and will show us the guiding light, creating conditions that are conducive to the overall development. We will always be thankful to them for their constructive support. Therefore, to show the expression of this gratitude on the Teacher's Day, Kak Adik and Kakak Baby wanted to give something special to their teachers.

They wanted umie to make them some home made chocolates and chocolate cakes to give to their teachers. Umie decided to also make something else for them to give to their class teacher. It is just a simple gift which is a pencil that umie decorated with a rose, some ribbons and silver beads. Umie has to make more of this pencils ;)

I wanted to have one but I don't have any teachers to give to one to because I don't go to school. How nice it would be if there is a school specially for cats like me :p If there is one, I am sure umie will send me there so that I can learn and be a clever boy :D

I like the pencils umie made and as usual I will make an inspection on if it is alright :D I really want to have the pencil but umie said I don't need it :( She wrapped the pencil nicely and it makes me want it so much more but umie took it away from me :( Now I can't play with it anymore...

For all the teachers out there, we wish you all a Happy Teacher's Day :)

14 May 2010

This is Hitam (Black)

Above: Hitam (Black) and her kittens :)

I would like to introduce Hitam, the stray mummy cat which umie feeds everyday. Umie named her Hitam (Black) because of the colour of her fur. She will wait for umie to feed her in front of the door everyday . Hitam had given birth to a few kittens and now she has 3 cute kittens. Umie tries to hold the kittens but they are all so fierce! They will hiss at umie and umie was even bitten by one of the kitten.

Umie managed to capture the kittens' picture when they tried to hide from her. The kittens are really cute right? Umie wishes and hopes she could hold and play with them... She also hopes that the kittens will not go far and will stay near for food. Any idea on how to make the kittens want to come near and let umie touch them?

Umie has few wedding invitations to attend on this weekends... If only I can follow her... : p

I have the same fur colour as Hitam (Black) :p
* Have a nice weekend... *

> hugs <


11 May 2010

I love it!

umie's home made chocolates

Today umie made some chocolates. I love to eat chocolates but umie doesn't let me to have any. Umie said that chocolate is not good for my health since I am a cat :( I tried to steal the chocolate when umie is not around but I got caught by her. Later, umie kept all the chocolates out of my reach... Ohhh I love it but i can't have it! :(

Kak Baby is really horrible!!! She captured an ugly picture of me. Why can't she snaps a good one??? :-S Hope you like to see how I look in this picture :p

I wish you all a happy Tuesday and have a nice day... Take care...

9 May 2010


We would like to wish a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mum out there ;)

Dearest mum...

Happy mother's day is so special
It is so special from any other day
We thank you for all you given us
So expensive that we cannot pay

Happy mother's day is special words
It means your full love to all of us
You are so special in this entire world
We love you so much as you love us

Dearest mum...

Wish you happiness on this specail day
With lots of love, that's what we can say

Big hugs and kisses from,

Xing Yun
3 Kakaks

5 May 2010

Umie made it... We are on it!

If you could still remember, before umie made a decoupage with some roses on it. I wanted my picture to be on the 'vase' which is actually a recycled nescafe bottle. Finally umie managed to make one with our pictures on it ;)

Umie painted it in pink because that colour will contrast very well with my fur. I don't mind the colour even though I don't really like pink :p but to me as long as my picture is on the vase, I will be content :D

I am waiting for umie's other 'project' so that I can 'help' her with it :p but it takes ages for one project to be completed :D So I and those of you who are looking forward to umie's and kakak's next project will have to just wait patiently :P ;)

1 May 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday to Chiku!

May Day @ Labour day @ Birthday!

Today is Chiku's special day!

Today is our big brother's birthday. He's already 3 years old now. We really hope that he will be healthy and have many more birthdays in future!

Chiku, Happy Birthday to You
It is a special happy birthday
We are happy to be with you
You put a smile on our face everyday

Please know that our love to you
Can never be compared to anything
We are so proud of having you
If we can, we will give you everything

However my dear, most of all
Thank you for making us happy
Chiku, it means a lot to us all
You will always be our little baby!

Chiku and me (Envy) eating the birthday cake that umie had made for him. Kakak helped with finishing off the cake. We really hope that Chiku will be healthy, happy and live long.

This is the birthday cake that was made specially for him. The cake was made out of chicken meat and some jelly. Although this is a special cake for Chiku but he seems to not like it that much. I was the one who eating it most. Mahzuz and Xing Yung didn't eat the cake at all...

Finally the cake was given to the stray cats outside as a celebration of Chiku's birthday. The stray cats seem to like the 'cat cake' that umie made so much :)

* Today Mahzuz is busy playing and he's not around to help with this special entry so i took over his job ;)