25 August 2010

Happy Birthday Kak Adik!

Salam and hello to all our friends. I guess it have been ages I did not update umi'e blog. I am busy hanging around with Xing Yun. We are having fun playing together. When we get tired, we sleep the whole day long :p

However, today I need to update the entry because today is Kak Adik's special day. I want the world to know that today is her birthday! She's 14 and she's a big girl now! I hope Kak Adik will be wiser and prettier as she grows.

Kak Adik!
Today you are fourteen!
You are a big girl now!
Please behave and stop playing around!!

Kak Adik!
I know you can be a good teenager
'Cause you can cool umie's anger
We pray for you, good health,success and happiness forever!