10 November 2010

10-11-10 (New Girl In The House)


Salam and hello to everyone...

My last entry was about Fatimah Megumi, our new member of the family but she was with us for not even a month when she suddenly disappeared. Last Thursday, umie found a little kitten wandering and meowing on the street. Umie looked at her and she found that the little kitten was ill. Her butt was a mess with her poo and flies were all over her.

Umie felt sorry for her and decided to take her home. When she arrived home, kakak quickly washed and cleaned her. She's now getting better. Umie named the little kitten AUNI. Hope Auni would get along well with us especially with Chiku and Xing Yun.

For Fatimah Megumi, she's still not back home yet, it's really sad that she still hasn't come back. Were still hoping that she will come back even though it seems a little hopeless now :( However, we pray and purr that Fatimah is doing well out there. We will be happy if she returned home...

ermmmm I feel so sleepy... I an gonna have a nap ;)

Until we meet again in my new entry, wish you all a wonderful day :-*



Mahzuz : Sweet dreams

1 November 2010

01-11-10 ( IT'S NOVEMBER!!!!!!)

Fatimah Megumi

Salam and hello to everyone, anywhere you are :) Hope all of you are doing well and are in good health. For us, we are fine, it's only our big brother Chiku that is not very well due to his FeLV :( and for our human sisters, they are very busy with their school's final examinations... We wish them all the best!

Wowww we have not been actively blogging for ages! Actually there were so many things that happened since my last entry. We have a new member, which our human sister took in from a restaurant during their way back from Beserah, Kuantan. It's around 400km to reach home and she was doing very well all the way back home. They named her Fatimah Megumi.

She was caged for few days but she managed to escape and got lost for two days. However umie and kak adik found her back. After almost a month she's with us, she suddenly disappeared :( She's a very nice female cat and very bright one too. What worries umie and the fur-less sisters is that she is pregnant. It's been about more than a week since her disappearance. Umie and kak adik not to forget kakak (especially kakak), have been looking for her around the neighbourhood but yet, there hasn't been a single sign of her. They also put up posters of her but until now no one has called umie to give her good news :(

Today is 1st November, 01-11-10 nad Fatimah Megumi is still missing. We really hope that she's safe and if someone has taken her, hope they will look after her nicely. However we are still hoping for her to come back...

I hope I could be more active to update this blog... Until I publish my next new entry, I wish for you all to have a nice day and take care :)

lots of love and kisses,
your cat in black, Mahzuz