28 February 2010

creative writer blogger award

First of all, we would like to thanks our friend old kitty for nominated us this award. However we have to answer/ tell six untruths and one not so! So here are what we going to write about umie ;)

1. umie doesn't cook that much now because she's lazy :p

2. umie purpose of ' going out station' is to meet her friends at the places she went.

3. umie will only spend for herself rather than spending on our food :(

4. when she's too tired she just doesn't care about us and she never be bothers to even give us a stroke :(

5. 2010 is the most eventful year for umie and our sisters!

6. like most people especially woman, umie likes chocolate so much :D

7. umie is a full-time housewife, that's why she has plenty of time to hang around here and there :S

From the list above - one of it is not a not so! It's not easy to guess which one right :p

Last but not lease, here are our pictures ;)

24 February 2010

~ We are deeply grateful to all of you ~

It's been a week since the loss of our beloved Itni. Now she is happily playing among her old friends on the bridge. In loving memory of Itni...

This entry is dedicated to all our blogger friends who came to our blog to share our grief. All words written in the comment section are very appreciated. Those words really put the spirit back into umie and helped her to quickly accept the death of our beloved Itni.

There is simply no word that can express our heartfelt thanks for the sympathy you all showed during this time of loss. Your loving support after Itni’s passing meant a great deal to us. We believe that Itni would also appreciate it so much. We are deeply grateful to all of you.

Therefore, to express our sincere gratitude, we would like to offer our sincerest thanks for the good thoughts you have sent in memory of Itni. Please do accept our special card as our most sincere gratitude and love. We would greatly appreciate it if you'd copy/save it and put it in your blog.

~Thank you so much for your loving support ~

18 February 2010

~ Itni is now in heaven ~

Itni - four days before she left us forever...

Anjing dan kucing tak lagi berkelahi
Supaya aman mereka saling menjaga
Inti kesayang pergi mengadap Illahi
Pastinya setia menanti di pintu surga

Last hugs and kisses for Itni :((

First of all, we would like to thank our friend amy and house of cats for her kind thoughts to make a special entry in their blog for Itni so that our friends out there could send Itni lots of purrs, prayers and get well thoughts. Personally we are really touched by her sincere and pure effort.

We would also like to thank all our friends that stop by to purr and pray for our beloved Itni. It is fate that Itni wouldn't survive from the illness - the jaundice that affected her liver. Itni left us to meet Allah the Almighty. She took her last breath peacefully. She was a sweet little angel that will always stay in our heart.

We want to give her the best so we wrapped her nicely before we bury her :(

We already did all our best to make sure she would recover from the illness but we couldn't do much. On the day she passed away, in the afternoon we took her to the vet again but the vet just gave her some 'drips' and asked to feed her the medicines. The vet even adviced us to give her some goat milk to help cure her jaundice. After a few hours of coming back from the clinic, we noticed Itni's heart beat increased. We were so worried, umie rang the vet to ask about it but the vet said that it will be fine. However we didn't feel good so we decided to take her back to the vet. It was really sad that when we arrived at the clinic, Itni couldn't be saved...

We have to accept the loss of our sweet and lovely Itni. It's really hard for umie to accept the reality of it because umie loved her so much. What made umie so sad was because Itni kept her promise to wait for umie if, in case she dies :(

As in the previous entries, Itni wasn't well and umie had to go somewhere far for supposedly, a week. While umie was waiting for her friends to pick her up and head to the place they were going, umie sat holding Itni and talked to her... umie told her not to die while umie's still not around :(( Itni seemed to understand umie's words. She just looked at umie and purred so strongly. Umie was supposed to be away for a week but suddenly umie's friends changed their mind and they came back after four days. Itni passed away after a day since umie came back. She really kept her promise to wait for umie...
Here Itni rests in peace - her collar will remind us of her

We miss Itni so much... we hope that she will rest in peace. We buried her in our small garden and we will keep her collar for our memory... Umie feels so sad whenever umie comes back home because Itni would always wait for umie and everytime she sees umie, she would lie down and roll herself on the ground to get umie's attention. Umie would tickle her and she would like it so much. Now it's only a memory that Itni has left for us...

16 February 2010

Pray for Itni please...

Itni was given the drips to make sure she gains some strength

Itni was waiting for the treatment patiently

The previous entry (8 Feb 2010), was about Itni, she's ill and was admitted for days. After staying in the clinic for days, she was allowed to go home because she looks good and seems recovered from her illness.

However only after three days at home, suddenly Itni lost her appetite again. We gave her the best food she likes but she didn't eat much. We wanted to take her back to the vet we went before but unfortunately the clinic was closed for the Chinese New Year's holiday. Therefore we took her to another clinic. She was diagnosed having jaundice :( and she was given medicines to take.

After 11/2 days, she still doesn't look good and we feel that her condition is very bad and become worse so today we took her to the vet again. She was given some drips to give her some strength. The vet said that her body temperature is dropping... We are very worry about her. We don't want her to continue like this :((

Please pray for Itni... we want her to be healthy and pretty as she was...

Itni is umie's beloved and favorite cat

~ Thank You ~

14 February 2010

Happy Birthday To Mahzuz, Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentines Day

mahzuz is valentino for today

have a chance at winning your very own mahzuz!

Today is a special day for Mahzuz and for those who celebrates Chinese New Year and love ;)

In conjuction with Mahzuz's birthday, we would like to invite all of our friends to join the quiz about Mahzuz. Just answer the questions and all those who asnwer the questions correctly will get a specially hand made key chain by kakak - key chain of Mahzuz's face ;)

The first person who answers correctly will also gets a mystery gift (hand made from felt) together with the key chain ;)

Here are the questions:

1. How old is Mahzuz now?

2. Where did kakak find Mahzuz?

3. What is the meaning of Mahzuz's name?

4. Who is Mahzuz's best friend?

5. What is Mahzuz's resolution for the year 2010?

Simple questions - I guess :p (can look for the answers in previous entries)

All are welcome to join the quiz - it will last on 16 February (just before mignight)

8 February 2010

It's me again!

Me and Chiku have to stay in the clinic for the treatment

I am here again :)

In the last entry, I wrote about me and our big brother, Chiku that worried umie so much. As I mentioned we have to go to see the vet, umie took us to the clinic. After the check-up, umie, kakak and adik were released because it was found that our big brother was only suffering from mouth inflammation, ulcer, and also needs tooth scaling. For me, I was ill because I was having mouth ulcer and also a very high fever. It's really shocking because the temperature was almost 40.c!

The vet is checking my body temperature - I hate it!

Both of us have to be admitted until we are really well. We have been in the clinic for the thorough treatment for many days! Now we are recovering. Our big brother also had been groomed because kakak and umie can't do it as he's so fierce! Even the vet had to give him the anesthetic before they can really clean him. Now he looks so clean and kakak said he smells like a new born baby :-S does he???

We really hate to be locked in the cage :(

Me on behalf of my brother, Chiku and umie too, would like to thank all our friends, for your concern and prayers. THANK YOU SO MUCH :-*

4 February 2010

It's my turn!

This is my latest pose ;) Resting out side

I have noticed that umie hasn't been updating her blog for more than a week. Umie is not very well and she seems so tired. Moreover she's a bit worried about our big brother, Chiku. Chiku looks unwell to her. Umie went to the clinic to seek advice and the vet guessed chiku might have caught a few illnesses and worse, he might have FIV! OMG!!! Hope its not true. Umie will take Chiku for a check-up and pray he's not suffering from a serious illness.

Actually it's not only Chiku that worries umie so much. Umie is worried about me too! Before, I was so chubby and healthy. I always look clean and now I still keep looking after myself but I am not as before. My weight dropped and I look skinny :-S Umie give me anything as long as I will eat it. If there is anything that umie sees I like to eat or I eat it, umie will make sure I will have it but what make umie worry is that I just it a little or just 'eat to taste' it only, after that I will just stared at the food. Sometimes I like to try from the other bowl even though the same food umie gave to me. Umie will take the food from my brothers or sisters just to make sure that I eat. However I just taste some and left...

I don't know what happen to me... I am asking for food but I just eat a little bit. I heard umie will take me to the vet too! I don't like to go to the clinic... so I have to convinced umie that there's nothing wrong with me... I have to eat more and put on some weight so that umie will be happy to see me ;)

I think I don't have much to talk because as those who know me, I am a quiet type so bye-bye for now... Before that I just want to remind all umie friends to wait for an entry on Mahzuz'z birthday because umie and kakak is now busy making something as a 'prize' for Mahzuz'z birthday quiz... I have seen 'the thing' umie and kakak is doing - it's cute ;)