22 March 2010

It's boring...

ermmm taste like a chicken :p

I don't know why i feel that life is quite boring now... Since Xing Yun likes to play out side, she spends her time own her own. Sometimes I have to really look for something interesting to play with. We have a new neighbour next door, they like to play badminton in late afternoon... I found it is really interesting but I am shy to join them because they are still new to us. Moreover we don't know if they like us or not. Not all human like cute things like me :S :P ;)

What could I do? I could only look at it when umie took it away from me :((

One fine day, I went to the neighbour's compound and I saw the shuttle cock that they use to play badminton. I found it very interesting. With white feathers on it, it looks like a chicken. I played with it and took it home. umie seems doesn't like what I have done. She knew that, I am the one who took the shuttle cock back from from the house next door. I had a collection of three but Umie asked Kak Baby to return it back. I was so sad that umie took away my 'new toys' that i found :(

Umie promised to get me my own shuttle cock to play with but until now she hasn't got it yet :( I guess that she has no time to go out to buy it for me... Therefore I have to play with whatever toys I have surround me... I like to play with anything even with Kakak's 'brown paper' that she used to make her 'kimono pattern'. Kakak was so angry with me when I ruined her 'pattern' :D

I am now thinking... why must they get angry with me every time I find something interesting to play :#???

I'm thinking... but... why???...

19 March 2010

OMG! Xing Yun made umie's heart stopped!

Me, Envy and Xing Yun - all in one cage
Umie has to take all of us to the vet to get us 'dewormed' and also our annual vaccine for our sister, Envy. Many things have happened today during our trip to the clinic! First of all, umie and kakak had to look for us because all of us disappeared! We knew that umie will take us somewhere (actually we had the feeling that they will take us to the vet) so all of us tried to hide from them. It was not easy for umie and kakak to catch us because we ran across the road. What made umie and kakak surrender is when we ran to our neighbour's compound. Surely they couldn't get in there because our neighbours were at work and locked their gate.

We are surprised that the vet could easily give Chiku the medicine! Umie can't do it so easily because Chiku is so fierce...

However umie and kakak managed to get us after chasing us :(( umie had to put us in the small cage because kakak's friends were around and they wanted to follow us to the vet's. They've never had this kind of experience before so this was a good time for them to handle these furkids to see the vet. Kakak decided to hold our big brother, Chiku because it will be very cramped for all of us in the cage. Moreover Chiku doesn't like to be squashed. Umie just started to drive the car for few meters when Chiku pooed on Kakak's lap! Hehehehehe the smell quickly spread in the car. So umie turned back home to clean Chiku's poo and also for kakak to get changed.

Kakak couldn't manage to hold Chiku so she put her in the cage with us :S

When kakak had to wash herself, Chiku took the opportunity to run away and hide at our neighbour's house but kakak managed to trick him with his favourite food! After that we continued as planned... but unluckily, after we reached there, the vet was not around (usually umie will ring first but not for today). Later umie decided to take us to another clinic but before that, umie stopped for some shopping because umie and kakak's friends had to get something from the shop. Moreover the shop was not far from the clinic. We stayed in the car with kakak but kakak couldn't manage to hold Chiku any longer because he got angry so kakak put him in the cage too! We are so fed-up with Chiku when he kept hitting us to release his anger. We decided to sit still so that Chiku wouldn't hit us and after all it was quite chilly in the car.

Every time we see the vet, we have to be weighted :[

After umie and kakak's friends finished shopping, they went to get something for lunch! so we had to wait for them to get some take away food from 'Shushi King' errmmm hope they will give some to us ;) Later umie took us to another clinic for our deworm and annual vaccine for Envy. When everything was done, umie put Envy in the cage, followed by Chiku but it was a mistake! Chiku didn't let me and Xing Yun to get in and he even hit Envy! Naughty chiku-nim! So umie asked kakak to hold me and kakak's friend to look after Xing Yun because umie had to drive. During the time kakak's friends to get into the car, Xing Yun manged to escape! Kakak's friends didn't know that they never let go of the furkids even when they are in the car (before the doors are closed)

Suddenly Xing Yun ran out from the car! Umie was so shocked! They tried to stop Xing Yun but she kept running away because she might be so scared and it was an alien place for her. The clinic is near to a big and busy road! Xing Yun ran across the road. Umie was shocked that she cried and screamed when Xing Yun ran so far. Lucky people came to help. Xing Yun was so panic and then ran into a big drain. There was water in it! Actually it's good that she ran in there so that umie and the others could stop her easily. Lastly they got her but she was soaking wet!

The vet has to check the temperature as well - that's Envy's turn :p

OMG! Xing Yun really made umie's heart skip a beat for escaping like that! It was really dangerous! That was a first experienced for umie that her furkid got to escape during a visit to the vet. So many things happened today! I'm just grateful my best friend didn't leave me and finally she was saved...

I really behaved myself on the trip to the clinic :D

16 March 2010


Me with umie's 1st decoupage ;)

Today I am going to talk about umie's first decoupage that she has managed to make. Umie had wanted to make decoupage for so long. She had bought all the stuff needed for making decoupage ages ago but she didn't have the mood and time, until last week she was suddenly in the mood. She took the empty 'nescafe' bottle and started to paint it. I was there to see how umie made it. I even 'tried to help' her but she didn't let me :( She said that I was just disturbing her and she couldn't concentrate when I was around :((

Umie ordered me to go out and play so that she could finish her decoupage. I was not happy when it seemed she didn't need my help :( So I had to wait patiently until she completed her decoupage. No wonder she didn't want me to be around because she needed to focus on what she was doing. When I am around, I will always brush my body up to umie so that I can also learn how to make it. Finally umie had done it and here is her first 'vase' that she recycle from the empty nescafe bottle. I wanted her to make one with my picture on it :P but I am not sure if she will do it :S

The front part

Umie said that she's not so happy with the results but I think it is alright for her first try. I hope she will do more decoupage so that she can get better with more practice. I will ask her again to make one with my picture on it ;) Just wait if she wants to make one as i requested :~ S

The back part

10 March 2010

Xing Yun has changed!

Xing Yun has crippled leg :( so we prefer her to stay in the house

Today I am going to talk about Xing Yun, she is my best friend (as I ever mentioned before) and until now she is still the only one who likes to hang around with me. What I am going to tell you today is that now Xing Yun has changed from just staying in the room to always playing outside :{ She is now brave to play across the road! This started to happen when our big sister, Itni passed away. Before, Xing Yun was so scared of Itni, since umie took her home she never wanted to go out from Kak Adik's room. She stays in the room for the whole day. She eats, plays, wees and poos in there and it lasted for six months from August last year without going out from the room.

However since Itni passed away, Xing Yun spends most of her time outside. Umie is so worried about her because she is not like us. Xing Yun is crippled and because of that, she cannot walk and run properly (Umie took her home because of that). So when she plays outside especially across the road, umie will get sweat out hihihihih :D For me, actually I like that Xing Yun is now not only staying in Kak Adik's room because before I have to stay in the room to accompany her. Now I can play freely outside with her and it is so fun!

* If itni is still alive... I guess Xing Yun would still be staying in the room :S... Why must Xing Yun change? Actually we like her like as before...

Me and My best friend ;)

6 March 2010

RIP to dak Utih

Picture of Dak Utih taken from tedi's blog

Tedi membeli-belah di tengah pekan
Terserempat si dia tersenyum senang

Pemergian dak utih amat megejutkan

Doakanlah dirinya akan terus tenang

Picture of Dak Utih taken from tedi's blog

Dear Tedi

First of all we would like to write and tell you how sorry we are to hear about your loss. There are never the right words to express how deeply sad we are that you have to endure your loss of Dak Utih. Dak Utih will be truly missed by everyone who knew him even though just through blogging.

We can feel how sad you are at this moment...We wanted to let you know that you have our deepest sympathy, and our hearts are truly saddened. We know that dak Utih passing will not only leave a void in your life, but in the hearts of all those who knew dak Utih.

We know that dak Utih meant the world to you and your family... Memories of your times together regardless of where and what you did with dak Utih will be forever held dear to your heart. May your sweet memories with dak Utih bring you comfort in the days ahead.

Dak Utih will always remain within our hearts, and we pray may Allah give you strength.

With our deepest sympathy...

umi-e, Kakak, Adik, Baby, Chiku, Envy, Mahzuz & Xing Yun