22 December 2009

It's me! Mahzuz is here!

oh geez, i've been affected by umi's laziness, so kakak, listen up and type!

Hello there, today, I, Mahzuz will be the one writing ! well, technically, kakak is the one writing for me. It would be troublesome for me if i were to write this so, I am telling kakak what to write using brain waves hahaha, aren't I clever? Why is Mahzuz the one writing, is what you are all thinking right? hehehe, don't under estimate my telepathic abilities! I'm writing this because umie is faaaar too lazy to write it so, yeah, you get the idea :p (actually umie is still in JB/S'pore so I will take the opportunity to write something here hehehehe)

You're all probably thinking " Mahzuz? isn't he the naughty kitty?" well I am here to announce that yesterday I did not excrete my waste products at the places where umie will shout at me. Where i pooped is a secret between me and Xing Yun hehehe.

Anyways, lets cut straight to the case, umie has been posting entries about how naughty I am, now i will turn the tables on Envy since she has never gotten any complaints from umie. I know that Envy is not very well known on umie's blog so she can consider this as me helping her boost her popularity, after all, the best way for someone to boost their popularity is through gossip right? hehehe

Envy ranks in third in the House's Kitty Council ( she was assigned to take after Flero's possition by Chiku after Flero's death) she never gets the attention she deserves even though she's never pooped nor wee in the house but, who would want to give her any attention since she's always screaming when someone picks her up and geez, her smelly breath smells like a fish market.

Umi likes her because she knows the wonderous techniques of the kitty paw massage. She once offered to teach me her secrets but i refused because then Umie will tell me to massage her belly all the time meaning less time for me to play. You probably wouldn't know this since Umie never made an entry on it, but Envy wasn't all goody two shoes when she first entered this household. I didn't know this either until just recently.

Actually Envy not only good in massaging but she's also a pretty kitty :p most people said that she has the best look among us. However Envy doesn't knows how to attract umie's attention except to be on ready to serve umie whenever umie needs her. She's really good with that kitty paw massaging techniques because what I always notice that umie will fall as-sleep whenever Envy massage her hehehe :D

OK Envy, don't get angry with me haaaaaa :P I am just want umie's friends to know you too :D After all, I did not talk bad about you huhuhu :~)

Kakak said that envy was the one who first caused the house to be smelly. She would poo right behind the sofa or behind the T.V, but at that time Ayah was the one who would clean up her mess since its only natural because it was Ayah who took her in from the pet shop, hehehe she was the only kitten left out of all her brothers and sisters ( maybe it was because she has an ugly moustache) so the shop owner was giving her away since she was only a street cat.

After Ayah got tired cleaning up the mess she made, Ayah decided to lock her in the cage. Since then, Envy learnt to poo and wee in the cage. Later she learnt to behave herself. Until now ,Envy can be considered as the best among all the kitties. I hope I can be like Envy, never cause any problems for umie...

I promise that I will behave and be a good kitty :)

Envy: hmmm, my ears are feeling so itchy for some reason (i see...someone is talking about me haaa)

18 December 2009

Salam Maal Hijrah 1431

Image from Google

Pergi ke Kota Bahru tidaklah lama
Di musim hujan sehinggahkan bah
Tahun baru Islam sudah menjelma
Semoga keimanan akan bertambah

Salam Maal Hijrah buat semua teman-teman. Semoga dengan tibanya tahun baru ini, keimanan dan ketaqwaan kita akan bertambah. Bersama-samalah kita berdoa semoga kehidupan kita dan keluarga juga dirahmati serta diberkati oleh Nya.

* Umie akan pulang kampung sehingga cuti Xmas nanti ;) jom cuti-cuti balik kampung :p

15 December 2009

Faux Cake ~ Latest Order : Best Of Luck ~

Maiyah senyum jarang ketawa
Kerusi roda dipusing perlahan
Faux cake tempahan istimewa
Designed by Kakak jadi pilihan

Those are the faux cuppies and a cake ordered by umie's MyR friend. She wanted a cake with 'Best Of Luck' written on it. She said anything will do for the colour and design . So Kakak did that design for her.

She also ordered 5 cuppies with any design too! Here are the cuppies. Anyone interested can email umie or leave massage here because Kakak is still constructing a blog on her Arts & Craft. The blog is there but she still needs to organise it properly. When the blog is ready to be published, surely umie will inform ;)

The cake above cost only RM50 and the cuppies cost RM 7.50 a piece! What a bargain for those 'look like real' stuffs :P ( I am promoting for kakak hehehehe)

12 December 2009

Mahzuz!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??!!!!

Mahzuz - he looks so innocent!

Ana membuat murtabak maggi
Untuk hidangan di waktu senja
Mahzuz masih buat perangai lagi
Bukan di lantai tapi di atas meja

Mahzuz's poo that he tried to hide from us!

Mahzuz did it again! He thought that he's so clever! He didn't poo on the floor like usual ,but on the place that we never thought of or came across our minds! He might have thought that by doing that he could hide his poo from us. He pooed under the table cloth! After that he tried to cover it back... didn't he know that we can find his poo from the 'fragrance' he left! Oh my dear Mahzuz!

He's such a naughty and clever boy! Isn't he?

Every time he poos, we can smell the 'fragrance' so we have to quickly look for it. He doesn't poo on the same spot. He will poo at different places. Usually cats will poo on the same spot because of the smell right? But not Mahzuz! Yesterday he pooed on a different place but we never ever thought it would be on the table!

Mahzuz makes us look and search for his poo and wee! That's why we have to clean up and mop the floor every time he does his business. He really makes us exercise because of the cleaning up is not just to throw away his poo and wipe the wee but to do the mopping as well!

* When we smell the fragrance of his poo, we look for it - as usual we have to clean it quickly but it wasn't on the floor. We looked here and there, every corner of the room. it was as if we were playing hide and seek! Finally, it was such a surprise for us when Kakak found that it was on the dining table (under the table cloth) where he used to play on - almost everyday. We didn't punish him, instead of we were laughing out loud :D hehehehehehe Mahzuz... Mahzuz... Such a lucky boy!

11 December 2009

~ GIVE AWAY ~Beautiful napkin by Raznacreation.com

Here is another give away by Raznacreation. I am trying my luck!

These what i have to do :

1. Choose any (10) paten must be ten (10) different code, choose from the shop eg: M001 , M008 ….(this will be your gift)

* These are my choice : 11-M017, 18-M085, 10-M106, M 203, M198, 10-M181, 14-M191, 10- M104, 4-M098

2.Tulis satu entri berkenaan give away ini berserta link ( photo diatas mesti dimasukkan) senarai kan di entry anda itu sepuluh (10) tisu tersebut.

* I have done it ;) (the list : as above)

3. Add Razna Creation blog link your blog

* I have linked it ;)

4. Tinggalkan komen disini beserta link ke blog anda. xde blog? create one.. easy maa ..mesti ada link blog ya! so we are connected..

* Sure : p

5. Untuk menukar list hadiah sebelum tarikh tutup giveaway ini. Buat (1) hingga (4) sekali lagi

* I don't think so :

Wish me luck! (even though I'm doing this just for fun)

1st Give Away by My Masterpiece (Ayu)

Sopan berbahasa peribadi Melayu
Jelas dari senyuman indah berseri
Give Away Pertama daripada Ayu
Moga rezeki akan menyebelahi diri
First Give Away oleh Ayu (My Masterpiece) sempena Ulang Tahun Perkahwinan dan juga Ulang Tahun Kelahirannya. Semoga Ayu terus berbahagia dan diberkati usia...

Hadiah yang Ayu sediakan memang menarik... walaupun pada mulanya rasa keberatan untuk menyertai kerana syarat-syarat yang diberikan, akhirnya umie ikut serta juga disebabkan harapan yang tinggi untuk berjaya memiliki hasil kerja Ayu yang memang berseni itu.

Sebelum itu, umie kenalah melaksanakan tugas yang diberikan oleh Ayu iaitu:

1. Menjadi Follower Ayu - kak e dari awal-awal lagi memang jadi FOLLOWER sebab tak mahu ketinggalan jika ada n3 baru daripada Ayu ;)

2. Jadikan link Ayu dalam link /bloglist umie - pun sudah dilakukan

3. Tinggalkan komen di blog Ayu - sudah juga tapi akan dibuat lagi untuk sertakan link n3 ini ;)

4. Komen/pendapat/cadangan anda mengenai hasil keje ayu amat dialu-alukan(optional)

i. Kak e memang minat dengan hasil kerja Ayu kerana ianya kelihatan kemas dan dibuat dengan penuh teliti...

ii. Kak e yakin, Ayu membuatnya dengan penuh kesungguhan dan kasih sayang :D kerana dengan adanya perasaan itu maka terhasillah kerja yang begitu menawan dan memuaskan!

iii. Kak e dapati Ayu juga begitu pandai bermain dengan warna dan menyusun atur bunga dan gambar yang digunakan. Semua itu dapat dilihat pada hasil kerja Ayu di sini.

* Salah satu contoh hasil kerja Ayu yang begitu baik dan menarik ialah seperti dalam gambar di atas, bekas plastik seperti di atas itu dibuat dengan penuh teliti sehinggakan tuan yang memilikinya merasa begitu berpuas-hati.

Rasanya itu sahaja yang dapat dituliskan pada saat-saat akhir pertandingan ini (Tarikh tutup pada 15 December). Semoga rezeki berpihak kepada kak e ;) Insyaallah...

Kepada kawan-kawan lain yang turut serta dalam Give Away Pertama oleh Ayu juga diharapkan rezeki berpihak kepada anda!

Thank You Ayu
kerana mempelawa kak e untuk turut serta...

Give Away - Lynn Craft -

Lately there are many 'give aways' organised by bloggers. Usually i don't really bother to join but i don't know why, but this 1st give away on this 'hair clips hanger' made me want to join. I have to complete the tasks below:

1. Be the follower ( Lynn Craft )
2. Linked her blog
3. Creat an entry about this giveaway
4.Leave a comment with own link

I think the rules of this give away are ok. So I am trying my luck ;) Anyone else can also join this give away. There is plenty of time to join because the closing date is on December 20th.

GOOD LUCK & ALL THE BEST to those who joint this give away :)

10 December 2009

Naughty Kitty! BUT Makes Us Happy!

Mahzuz -looking for something to play with

Amy pergi party bersama rakan
Di majlis party semuanya girang
Mahzuz nakal tapi menghiburkan
Menjadi kesayangan semua orang

Mahzuz pretending to be one of the toys!

As in my last n3, i mentioned that i am really lazy! Lazy to do anything and everything :D hehehehehe . I am not sure what virus has attacked me up to the point where i don't have the mood to sweat my body :D (unless in the hot day, even lying down, i'll be sweating hehehehehe)

Mahzuz said - I am lazy too! I just want to lie down :p

Today, i will talk about Mahzuz, my little black cat. He's being so naughty! The story about him can be read in my previous entries. In one of my entries i had written about Mahzuz who likes to poo ans wee inside the house. We have trained him and even locked him in the cage for few days to make sure that he will do his business there but he never did it! He can keep it in him for days!

Mahzuz is sitting next to another naughty cat! meowth

For the fisrt week after he had been locked, he behaved himself. However it never lasted.. he went back to being his usual self again! Until now he poos and wees as he likes :( We have to clean up 'his business' every day (twice or thrice a day). Cleaning up 'the mess' he makes has become a daily routine for us.

My beloved hubby once said to me that Mahzuz 'should be thrown away' because for the last 8 months he's with us, he never changed :( However my beloved hubby has a kind hearted and loves Mahzuz so he never as he said) :D All the words that came out was just to show how frustrated and angry he was (even all of us) towards mahzuz's behaviour. My beloved hubby (we ) will never do such a thing! Once we've picked up a kitty, we will never dump him/her. We will accept whatever and however he/she is as it is ;)

Mahzuz pulled down Baby's toys from the window grill

Mahzuz said: 'This is what I like! I can see outside better and clearer!'

We really hope that Mahzuz will change when he gets older... He seems to 'never grow' because he atcs just like a little kitty! He is still very playful :D He jumps around and plays with anything he sees or he comes across with. He always drops and brake things in the house. He really challenges my patience! However i have to accept it as fate...

I have a lot more to talk about Mahzuz but i think it's enough for today. I'll write again and update my blog when i get better from my laziness :p

Take care

~ Hugs ~

4 December 2009

I am pretty lazy hehehehehe :D

Can u spot where envy is?

Lin, Kasawari & Shai pergi bersama
Ke rumah CMG mereka berkereta
Tak update blog memang dah lama
Hari ini nak coret sepatah dua kata

I have not been updating my blog for quite some time. I'm becoming lazier these days. I have tried to find out why I've become so lazy lately but i just can't figure it out hehehehehe :p

It's already December! Time flies so fast! I can't believe that it is almost the end of the year... Oh Allah! I wish I can rewind back the time... I don't want 2009 to end so quickly!

However, time cannot be reversed... i have to do whatever i can do before December ends... Hope that next year will be a better year for me...

* Isn't it still too early for me to write about this?

27 November 2009

Happy Eidul Adha & Happy Birthday to Baby @ Adlin

Picture taken from : http://javeria.wordpress.com/2007/12/20/eid-ul-adha-mubarak/

Happy eidul adha to all muslims...

Makanan kegemarannya tiramisu
Selain itu juga ayam masak berlada
Selamat Hari Jadi buat anak bungsu
Semoga Allah berkati hidup anakda

Besides this special day, eidul adha, we are also celebrating Baby's/Adlin's 11th birthday. We wish Baby a happy birthday!

This year Baby didn't have a big birthday party like in the past years. No friends to celebrate with because we are in Singapore... so Baby celebrated her birthday with her cousins, grandma/pa, aunties, uncles, mum and sisters. Just a family party! However we guess that the birthday present that she wishes for, will now come true! (Baby: Hope that you will look after it because it is not easy to get it! :p )

* umie made a birthday cake for Baby but the photos hasn't been uploaded yet - will put some photos here later ;)

Wishing you everything happy for your birthday dear...

8 November 2009

So slow...

Those are my faux cuppies - now owned by kak shida and leyza

Kak Ann masak ulam pegag
Pegaga dikutip hingga ke senja
Hari minggu bersama keluarga
Duduk rehat dan tidur sahaja

Lately, I seldom update this blog. I don't know why, I am so lazy to do anything... not only to update this blog but also any other work that i have to do at home. I prefer to lie down and of course sleep. This makes me put on weight hehehehehe :P

Actually I don't really have any interesting to write or share. everything is just as usual. I don't have recipes to share because I seldom cook, even on weekends. We just get whatever we can for our meals ;) Moreover, my children can prepare their own meals so that makes me even lazier hehehehehehe :D

Today I felt that the day went by so slowly, maybe because i didn't do much work. I plan to make 'epok-epok sardin' for kakak but I'm not in the mood. However, I will try to gather some strength and gain some mood so that I can sit in the kitchen and make some epok-epok for tea time later this afternoon :)

I'll update my 'epok-epok sardin' if I manage to make it ;) Just wait and see hehehehehe :p

2 November 2009

Itni My Beloved Cat ;)

Tomei kucing watierman
Nak masuk bilik tak dikasi
Bear putih menjadi teman
Itni berehat di atas kerusi

Itni is our second cat after Chiku. For me, amongst all, she is the well behaved cat. She is very quite but knows how to please me whenever I am in a bad mood. Maybe because of that, i give more love to her hehehehehe It doesn't means that i don't love the other cats aahhhh :p, it is just because she is very good at cooling me down when i am very angry.

If she wanted something she will come a stroke herself and that will make me think twice to let her down. Lately Itni's weight is dropping because of her gum infections. We have taken her to the vet but her illness never went. We have to get the medicine again but we were told that it's not good for her health in the long term :(

I really want Itni to be in good shape like before... If her weight keeps dropping, we will have to take her to the vet again and this time we will take her to another vet to see if there is any difference on the treatment and medicines. Please Itni... get well and be chubby like before...

27 October 2009

Chicken Fritters ~cat food ~

Kakcikseroja bercuti ke Kuching
Pergi berempat bukannya bertiga
Makanan ini dibuat untuk kucing
Tuan kucing pun boleh makan juga

Sudah lama umie tidak letak sebarang resepi kerana dapur umie memang 'tidak berasap' sekarang ini. Kedai makan dan warung yang rajin membantu umie untuk sediakan pelbagai juadah, tinggal pilih sahaja apa yang ingin dimakan :p hehehehehehe

Berapa hari yang lalu umie tiba-tiba rajin untuk buatkan makanan bagi kucing-kucing umie. Itu disebabkan terdapatnya ayam yang sudah agak lama bertapa di dalam freezer. Sayang juga jika ayam itu nanti menjadi habuan cik Tong Sam Pah :D jadi umie pun fikirlah apa yang sesuai untuk dijadikan hidangan anak-anak bulu umie tu.

Akhirnya jadilah chicken fritters ini. Sebenarnya kita pun boleh makan sebab bahan dan cara membuatnya seperti makanan yang kita makan. Cuma bezanya, bila niat dibuat sebagai 'makanan kucing' maka hati jadi 'tidak tergamak' untuk memakannya (tapi kakak makan juga hehehehe)

Sesiapa yang ada anak bulu dan nak hidangkan sesuatu yang berbeza buat mereka, bolehlah cuba membuatnya ya...


100 gram isi ayam (yang telah kukus atau rebus)
1 biji telor ayam
1 sudu makan tepung gandum
butter (untuk masak)
mayonis untuk hisan


1. Hancur atau carik-carik halus isi ayam.
2. Masukkan telor kedalam mangkuk isi ayam tadi dan kacau rata.
3. Masukkan tepung dan gaulkan semuanya.
4. Panaskan butter dalam kuali leper dan letakkan adunan tadi (ikut besar yang diinginkan ) dan tekan leper.
5. Balikkan adunan hingga kedua-dua bahagiannya masak - garing.
6. Hiaskan dengan mayonis semasa menghidang.

* umie gunakan acuan berbentuk kucing dan ikan (memang beli khas untuk masak makanan anak-anak bulu umie)

** masakan ini tidak letak sebarang garam atau perasa kerana tidak sesuai untuk anak-anak bulu. Namun jika kita ingin buat untuk diri kita juga, bolehlah ditambahkan garam dan perasa ikut suka :)

19 October 2009

Please Vote For Baby ;) 7E ~Slurpeelicious Moments~

Kak Intan berjoging tiga pusingan
Masa berjoging ternampak Hanum
Baby pun nak masuk pertandingan
Bersama Mahzuz Slurpee diminum

7Eleven mengadakan satu pertandingan gambar creative bersama minuman slurpee. Baby ingin sangat masuk pertandingan itu dan gambar di aas merupakan gambar yang Baby ambil sendiri guna auto. Masa itu umie di dapur dan tidak dapat tolong ambilkan gambar Baby dengan Slurpeenya.

Harap sesiapa yang masuk ke blog umie dapatlah pergi ke sini dan vote Baby. Tolong panjang-panjangkan tentang pertandingan yang Baby ikuti ini ya... Umie tidak baca syarat pertandingannya bagaimana tapi semasa umie cuba VOTE gambar Baby, umie kena masukkan alamat email dan submit. Kemudian perlu verify melalui email yang dihantar oleh Nuffnang. Itu sahaja yang perlu dibuat. Setiap email yang digunakan untuk vote boleh submit 5 kali sehari. Boleh guna sebanyak mana email yang ada. Tarikh untuk VOTE ialah dari 19 Oktober-25 Oktober. Jangan lupa ya vote untuk Baby ;)

* Kalau dah peminat kucing, minum slurpee pun nak kongsi dengan kucing juga:P Si Mahzuz pulak, bukan main beria nak minum slurpee tu :)

* Terima Kasih vote untuk Baby :)

12 October 2009

Envy's Favourite Place

Kak Gee sentiasa kelihatan riang
Dengan keluarga bercuti di Maran
Envy suka berehat di waktu siang
Drum menjadi tempat kegemaran

Envy antara kucing umie yang baik perangainya. Envy tidak banyak kerenah dan tidak memberi sebarang masalah. Envy pandai menjaga diri dan membuat halnya sendiri. Seperti kucing-kucing lain, Envy juga suka berehat di waktu siang. Malah masa rehatnya dihabiskan dengan tidur yang diulit mimpi-mimpi indah :p

Setiap orang pasti ada tempat kegemaran untuk berehat atau duduk. Begitu juga dengan Envy, dia ada tempat rehatnya sendiri iaitu di dalam drum ayah hehehehehe. Envy rasa selesa berehat dan tidur di dalam drum ayah. Lubang drum itu dah jadi seperti kamar tidur Envy hehehehehe :D

Lihatlah bagaimana Envy tidur di dalam drum - terlentang dengan kakinya ke atas, namun begitu tidurnya amat lena sekali. Bila diusik pun dia tidak mahu bangun, maka umie abadikan gambar Envy ini untuk kenangan kerana sebelum ini tidak terfikir untuk rakam gambar Envy tidur di sini :p.

9 October 2009

Sebentar bersama Gibbon

Baby, Adik dan Aliyya (Kawan Baby) bersama Gibbon

Reben daripada perkataan ribbon
Ada pelbagai warna macam pelangi
Namanya Kelawat ataupun Gibbon
Haiwan comel ini haiwan dilindungi

Adik memeluk Gibbon yang kelihatan manja

Semasa ke Mines, dalam perjalanan ke tempat letak kereta tiba-tiba kami ditegur oleh seorang pekerja jika mahu mengambil gambar dengan haiwan comel ini. Belum lagi tawar-menawar, haiwan ini telah dihulur kepada Adik. Haiwan yang comel dan berbulu lembut ini terus sahaja memaut Adik dan memeluk dengan erat.

Bila ditanya berapa harganya, untuk satu orang memegang haiwan ini harganya RM5. Jika ada kamera sendiri, boleh ambil seberapa banyak gambar yang disuka. Jika perlukan khidmat mereka, bayaran RM12 dikenakan untuk berfoto dan juga diberikan sekeping foto untuk simpanan. Kebetulan umie bawa kamera maka umiepun ambillah gambar anak-anak umie dengan haiwan ini.

Kakak seronok dipeluk oleh Gibbon

Kakak memang suka sangat dengan haiwan, apa lagi haiwan peliharaan. Pada mulanya Kakak tidak mahu memegang haiwan itu dengan alasan 'sayangkan duit RM5' hehehehehe. Umie suruh juga Kakak memegangnya tetapi umie telah minta pekerja itu membenarkan tanpa sebarang bayaran. Mentelah pada masa itu hujan dan tiada siapa yang berminat untuk memegang atau bergambar dengan haiwan tersebut.

Umie pegang bulu haiwan itu - begitu halus dan lembut sekali. Namun apa yang menyentuh hati ialah rupa haiwan itu yang kelihatan sayu sekali. Hati tambah tersentuh bila melihatkan pelukan erat seperti tidak mahu dilepaskan... Kalaulah dapat simpan seekor haiwan ini, kan baik sekali! Jika ada sesiapa yang berminat untuk memelihara haiwan ini, harus ingat bahawa ia merupakan jenis haiwan yang dilindungi, maka harus mendapatkan kebenaran daripada pihak berkuasa terlebih dahulu...

1 October 2009

Gambar Hari Raya Pertama

Kaswari dan SisLin beraya sama
Cik Mat hidangkan kuih bersira
Gambar pada hari raya pertama
Suasana meriah riang gembira

Umie bersama anak-anak

Hari raya pertama kami sempat merakamkan gambar keluarga sebelum anak-anak ke rumah Opah mereka. Selepas beraya bersama Opah mereka, kami berangkat menuju ke rumah bapa saudara ayah yang satu-satunya turut beraya di 'ibu kota'. Pulang dari rumah bapa saudara ayah kami menuju ke rumah kawan ayah - Pyan Habib kerana Pak Pyan mahu ayah ke rumahnya juga.

Bersama Pak Pyan & isteri

Pertama kali 'tidak beraya' bersama 'ahli keluarga besar' di kampung halaman ternyata memberi pengalaman baru. Kebetulan 'adik angkat' umie beraya bersama kami. Maka suasana tetap meriah dengan persiapan rendang, nasi impit, lodeh, pulut kuning, sambal udang dan beberapa lagi juadah yang dihidangkan membuatkan kami tidak rasa kekurangan sangat pada hari pertama lebaran tahun ini :)

Bersama adik angkat umie

Anak-anak bersama auntie Zurin mereka

Pada hari raya tahun ini, kami berhari-raya dengan kucing-kucing kami dan mereka semua berpakaian warna sendondon. Malangnya kami tidak dapat bergambar bersama mereka dalam satu masa kerana masing-masing membuat hal sendiri. Envy dapat kami rakamkan gambarnya semasa dia duduk berehat di atas kereta ayah. Kemudian kakak datang untuk bergambar bersama Envy dengan gayanya yang tersendiri :D

Envy dengan pakaian hari rayanya

Selain daripada Envy, Mahzuz juga dapat bergambar bersama kami kerana Mahzuz hanya duduk di dalam rumah. Dalam gambar di bawah ini, Mahzuz duduk sebelah Adik tetapi rupa Mahzuz kurang jelas kerana warna bulunya yang hitam dan balikan daripada cermin di sebelahnya.

Nampak Mahzuz tak?

Anak-anak umie :)

28 September 2009

Tinggal kenangan

Hari raya hari kita bersuka
Kuih muih jadikan hidangan
Anak kucing dijaga seketika
Kini hanya dalam kenangan

Sebelum hari raya, kawan Baby minta dijagakan anak kucing yang baru ditemui (sekitar usia seminggu) Pada mulanya umie agak keberatan kerana bukan mudah mengasuh anak kucing sekecil itu yang belum tahu menjilat susu. Oleh kerana kami beraya di sini dan kasihan melihatkan anak kucing itu, maka umie telah bersetuju.

Dia kami susukan dengan botol kecil yang dibeli di pet shop tetapi mulutnya yang terlalu kecil itu tidak dapat menyusu dari botol itu. Untuk menyusukannya umie terpaksa menggunakan syringe untuk memberikan susu, itupun dia mengisap jari sambil susu yang dipicit ke dalam mulutnya. Saat itu memang menyeronokkan...

Anak kucing yang belum diberi nama itu kami asuh dan bawa beraya bersama-sama. Semasa beraya di rumah kawan umie di Melaka, kawan umie telah menawarkan diri supaya anak kucing itu ditinggalkan bersamanya kerana kucingnya baru beranak dan boleh menyusukan anak kucing ini. Umie telah menghubungi kawan baby dan dia juga bersetuju.

Malang sekali selepas sehari-semalam ditinggalkan, kawan umie memberitahu anak kucing itu dalam keadaan tenat kerana dia suka merayap dan masuk ke dalam semak. Terasa sedih di hati menerima berita sedih dari kawan umie kerana selama beberapa hari diasuh, anak kucing itu kelihatan sihat dan aktif (memang suka merayap - dah pandai memanjat keluar dari kotak/bakul yang ditempatkannya. )

Terdetik kekesalan di dalam hati kerana menerima pelawan kawan umie dan meninggalkan anak kucing itu dengannya. Kemungkinan anak kucing itu masih hidup sekiranya dia kami asuh... Mungkin sudah itu takdirnya, dapat menikmati kehidupan ini hanya untuk seketika. Namun rasa sedih tetap menyelubingi diri...

Apa nak kata, sudah ajalnya...

26 September 2009

Selamat Ulang Tahun Ke-7 Buat Ulfat

Jamu tetamu dengan mee hun
Dihidangkan juga roti ikan tuna
Diucapkan selamat ulang tahun
Semoga besar jadi anak berguna

Seorang lagi anak saudara umie menyambut ulang tahun bersamaan suasana menyambut hari raya. Anak saudara umie ini tidak banyak kerenah. Umie buatkan kek dan deco simple sahaja untuknya dan dia menerimanya tanpa banyak bicara :D
Kek Coklat di atas belum sempat anak saudara umie 'memotong dan bergambar' dengannya, telah pun dipotong dan dijamu oleh sepupu-sepupunya yang lain (tidak perasan itu kek hari jadi untuknya). Memandangkan masih ada satu bekas lebih dan ada sedikit lagi icing, umie telah deco kan se-ala kadar untuknya bergambar.
Ternyata dia tidak kisah... dia bergambar seperti yang diarahkan... habis cerita... hehehehehe :D

24 September 2009

Happy Birthday To Abrar

Pergi ke pasar membeli ikan
Usah berlengah balik segera
Selamat hari lahir diucapkan
Moga hidup aman sejahtera

Anak saudara umie, Abrar atau Ifran menyambut ulang tahunnya yang ke-6. Dia inginkan kek yang besar dan lain daripada kek biasa. Memandangkan dia seorang budak lelaki yang aktif dan peminat lumba kereta dan seangkatan dengannya, maka umie buatkan kek ini untuknya.

Kebetulan pula hari lahirnya jatuh pada musim hari raya, walaupun tidak mengundang sesiapa untuk meraikan tetapi pada masa dia menyambutnya, suasana begitu meriah kerana kebetulan saudara-mara datang berkunjung.

Happy Birthday Abrar @ Irfan semoga membesar sebagai anak yang soleh...