10 September 2010

Eid Mubarak!

We wish all our friends a happy Eid....

Me, Chiku, Envy ang Xing Yun are now in boarding :( We were sent here on Tuesday because umie, ayah and the sisters will celebrate eid in Singapore. We are not allowed to enter Singapore without proper documents. Therefore umie decided to leave us :(

We don't have any other choice, so we just have to stay with someone we have never meet before. He's a stranger that has come to look after us. He feeds us and cleans our cages... We just can't wait for umie to come back so we can go home and be free again!

Our love and hugs to all...

Mahzuz and the gang :)

7 September 2010

Top Ten!

It's already September 2010! Time goes by so quickly! Day by day my routine has not changed much... I play, eat and sleep. It's the same for Chiku, Envy and Xing Yun. I would like to update our blog often but I have a problem sitting in front of the computer... However today I want to write about our blog which was listed as one of the Top Ten Animals Lover Blog in Malaysia :)

It was stated here . I, on behalf of our umie and kakaks would like to thank the blog's owner for listing our blog among the Top Ten. We know that they love animals so much... I guess many more humans out there are very kind to animals.

Thank you to all the people who are so kind and take care of animals especially to those who need help (like me - when I was abandoned). I hope more unlucky animals will be saved by good hearted people :)

Take care...