25 December 2012

Happy Merry Christmas

Hello to all my dearest friends... Here I am again :)

Christmas and New Year are knocking at the door... It's the time of the year to be joyful and merry. Enjoy the spirit of the season and wish you all my friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Umie's twin sister was here and she took a picture of me with the Santa Claus hat that she bought from Langkawi :) It's me look handsome with the hat :p *grin*

Before I end my words, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you... May God bless you  all with kindness, which will raise your soul. May God give you all the kindness to give this love and warmth to the people and also to the animals ;) I wish a wish for all of you that all your Christmas wishes comes true! Happy Merry Christmas!


Mahzuz & Gang

20 December 2012


Salam and hello to all our dearest friends...

The year of 2012 will end soon. I felt that the time goes very quick! Here, are some of the pictures of umie's furkids since she came back from the UK in 2007. It started from Chiku and his siblings but unfortunately only Chiku servived. I was told that Chiku and his siblings were abandoned infront of the house. So that's how everything was started... I was the fifth to be the family members  and now I am the senior amongs all after Chiku, Itni, Flero and Envy went to the rainbow bridge :((

Kak baby suggested that umie should print all of our photos and hang on the wall in our room. I think Kak Baby's idea is really good because our room is really dull. Moreover the shelves are broken and need ayah to fix it. Hope he will spends sometime to fix the shelves so that we will have more place to relax. Khayla likes to relax on the higher shelves but now she can't...

In the previous entry, I have promised to introduce some of the new cats in the house.  Here they are ;)

This is Rejab, his name was taken from the Islamic month where umie found him on the 11th June 2012  at a busy road side near a 'Central Bus Station'. At that time he was around 5 weeks old and was in a very bad shape :(( Even though umie had taken him to the vet but unfortunately his left eye couldn't be saved. However he's now safe with us. He's very active and like to disturb me :/ next is Manja :)

Manja is a stray that umie took home because he's so intimate even though the first time umie saw and fed him. He wanted to follow umie home and he made umie's heart melted :p  Manja is a male cat and he's now a good friend of Rejab :D

This is Kontot (means = short) Ayah gave her that name because she has a very short tail. We don't know where she came from... Ayah said he noticed her already in the house. She reminds us of our beloved late Flero. She is a good cat...She just stays in the room quietly. She never disturb me like Rejab always do :/ and umie will spayed her soon :p

This is Kitty, she was knocked by a vehicle and was found by umie's friend but she's 'scared of cat' therefor she asked umie to help her with this little kitty. The vet said she's around 4 moths old at the time umie took her to the vet for treatment from the injurey she had. However she's now fully recovered from the her injury and she's doing very well.

Actually before this there were few other cats that umie took home but unlucky they stayed with us for a while. They're now gone to the rainbow bridge :((

Ok... that's all for now... I'll try to update again... Until we meet again... have a very nice day :))


Mahzuz & the gang :)

12 December 2012


Assalam and hello to all my dear friends...

Today is a special day with special date 12-12-12  ;) I don't want to miss this special date to be published in this blog so I force myself to update :D

It has been ages that I didn't update this blog because I am just so lazy :/ I spend most of my time sleeping and relaxing in the room.  We are now 'in-door' cats since umi got to know that there are neighbours that don't like cats. Umi have to lock us in a room because she doesn't want any of us to get hurt.

Now there are only us the furkids with Ayah and Umi in the house. I miss our sisters especially our Kakak because she already went to study in the university. She's now studying zoology. We are happy for her because she got a course that she really wanted. Hope Kakak will do well in her studies. Kak Adik & Kak Baby are studying in Johor Bahru but now they are at home because of the long school holidays. 

 Actually there are more new cats in this house which I haven't introduce. I think I'll do it when umi gets a new camera :P because since she lost her new camera, its difficult to share our pictures here ;) However I share some of my pictures that were taken before umi lost her camera :/ 

I have to stop here... Kak Baby wants to use the PC :D So...until we meet again... Wish all of you have a nice day... 


Mahzuz & the gang

29 February 2012

2012 Is A Leap Year!


Hi everyone in the blog-sphere :) I am here again today because I wanted to publish something on this special day - a leap year :) We will meet the leap year again in four years time. I hope I will still be around on the next leap year (2016)...

In my last entry (on my birthday) I promised to introduce our new members of the family. I f you could remember the last members I introduced were Aurora and SJ.

Our new members are...

Comel and Comot both of them were from Johor Bahru. More than 300km from our home. They are brother and sister so Kakak wanted them to stay together. Comel means cute and Comot means untidy :D because he always dirty himself by playing in the litter tray... There is something that is so special about Comel & Comot - they share same birth date with our Kakak. That's why Kakak wanted them so much :/

Comot (male)

Comel (female)

The newest member in our family is Aflah. He was found on the 28th January near a road side and full of big red ants all over his body. It is just his luck, Ayah stopped at the road side to ask for the way to umie's friend's house and kakak saw something moving in the bush. Kakak was curios to know what it is. Kakak was so shocked to see him and called umie to look at him. At first umie thought that he was dead but actually he was suffering bitten by the big red ants :(( Therefore umie and Kakak decided to take him home. He was taken to the vet and was told that he was around 5 weeks old and weight around 250gm only. However he's now growing well and could also get along well with the other members of the family.

Aflah : This pictuere was taken on the second day he was rescued

Aflah with Khayla

Two of our human sisters, Kak Adik and Kak Baby haven't seen Aflah yet because they are studying in Johor Bahru. They will be coming back mid of March for the first term school holidays :) I guess they will like to play with Aflah. I will be waiting for them to come back because I miss them so much ...

I will try to update again... Therefore, until we meet again, I would like to wish all of you a very nice day...


Mahzuz & the gang

14 February 2012


Mahzuz : It is yummy!

Assalam and hello to all of you out there... After so many months I do not update this blog, today I am here to meet you all :)

Today is my special day - it's my birthday! I am just three years old :P and hope i could live longer :D For my special day this year, I don't feel it's special because all my human sisters are not at home to celebrate it with me. They are all now studying and will only come back during the school holidays :(( However umie still remember my birthday and made me a special birthday cake. Although it's just a simple one but I do like it very much! because it was made from tuna and jelly ;) It's really yummy!

Mahzuz : Simple cake from umie but i really love it... Thanks umie!

I hope to spend more time at home so that I could update this blog frequently :) I'll introduce our new members of the family in the next entry because for this entry I want it to be just for me hehehehehe :D

Until we meet again...Wishing all of you a wonderful day!