30 July 2010

Chiku has FeLV :(

Salam and hello to all our friends :) Today I am going to talk about our big brother Chiku.

Our brother Chiku always gets ill and umie would quickly take him to the vet. However his resistance from the illness would never last long... He would get ill again. Because he kept getting ill, the vet suspected he has FIV but after the blood test he was FIV negative but after the diagnose he was found to have positive FeLV :(

All of us are very worried about him. His condition is not very good. The vet told umie and kakak that there's no medication for it but umie has to keep Chiku as healthy as possible. The vet also suggested not to give raw food and unpasteurised dairy product because that might cause bacteria infections :( Chiku's health conditions seems to not be very good. He has gingivitis and stomatitis those really hurt him. We really pity him for having the illness

Umie and kakak will take all of us to see the vet for our check-up. After all, it's already time for us to take our deworm. It is also time for me to take my annual vaccine. Pray that we will always be healthy so that we will not burden umie with the medication bills :/

I wish all of you a very happy day :)

Enjoy your lovely weekends


Chiku, Envy, Mahzuz, Xing Yun and everyone at home


21 July 2010

Dressing-up time!

Envy seems very tired

Umie bought us a new bridal-gown and a tuxedo from UK. Our human sisters were so happy to know that umie brought it home. Me and Envy had to be their models for dressing-up. We just let ourselves to be used to model the dress and tuxedo.

Our posing session...

We look so stupid wearing it but actually we were having fun too! We were having a photo shoot which lasted more than 30 minutes!

I was so tired so I went to sleep :p

Here are some of our pictures... Enjoy viewing our special poses ;)

Envy showing her dress :D


Mahzuz and Envy

I always listen to my human sisters ;)

17 July 2010

Umie is back!

Envy trying the new cat food feeder ;)

Salam and hello to all our friends. First of all, i would like to tell you how happy i am to see umie back home safely... Actually umie had a very hard day because umie left her bag with her laptop, some important documents, souvenirs, chocolates and sweet at Heathrow before she check-in. She just realised she has'nt got her bag when she going to check-in her luggage. She looked for it but it's not there anymore! Umie was so sad, not because of the souvenirs, chocolate and sweets but because of the files in her laptop and the documents...

Envy in the new carrier with wheels :p

It was really unlucky for umie when one of her luggage was not at the KLIA baggage pick-up counter because the luggage was left in Amman, Jordan... So sorry for what had happened to umie. Even though there are bad things that happened to umie, she still had some presents for us. Luckyly the bag that was full of our presents was safe. Umie bought us new brush set, new food feeder, tuxedo and bridal dress for our dressing-up and also a carrier bag with roller underneath and a few other things for us :p

I am really happy that umie is back now... umie looked so tired after a long journey... Surely umie will get jet lag after few weeks away... Have a good rest umie... thanks for all the presents and we hope a good hearted person will return back umie's bag which she lost...



These are amongs the presents umie got for us

7 July 2010

missing our umie :(

Salam and hello to all my friends. It has been a really long time that I did not update the entry here. I am not in the good mood especially when i miss my umie so much...

Umie is away with Mamok since last week and will only be back here by the end of next week. So it is still quite long until umie comes back home. Hope umie will buy some souvenirs for us.

I am looking forward to seeing umie back home...