17 February 2011

OMG! Who are they???

Reni & Chin Peng (CP)

Salam and Hello to all our friends...

I was so surprised when I got into the house. I saw 4 new faces! in the cage. They are gorgeous and make me feel jealous >:I I wonder where they came from so I went to ask umie to get more information about them. Umie told me that they were given by their owner (auntie Sue) because her daughter is asthmatic and allergic to cats. Therefore, reluctantly auntie Sue had to give them up for adoption. However she wanted to give the cats to someone that could look after and love them truly. Umie was introduced to auntie Sue and they made an arrangement to drop the cats to our home.

The mummy cat : Reni

The mummy cat is already booked and her new owner will pick her up later. The other three will be staying with us because Kak Adik and Kak baby wanted to have one of them as their respective pet. It means that they will take care and be responsible for the cat. Kakak will have CP to take care for and it seems that CP can get along with Kakak very well. For me, I don't really bother about other cats in the house because I know umie's love for me will never lessen :P

The ladycat: Angel

They are very fluffy and much more bigger than me :/ Kakak doesn't want them to be cooped up in the cage, so Kakak put them in Kakak's room so that they can roam freely... At first umie thought that they could stay in Xing Yun's room but as usual Xing Yun will never welcome any other cats. So we'd better not take any risks. Even though the cats are next to Xing Yun's room but Xing Yun doesn't know about them because Xing Yun doesn't comes out. We are not allowed to enter Kakak's room and I am not happy with it. Anyway, later I could understand why umie and Kakak don't let us go in to the room.

The mancat: Chin Peng (CP)

I would like to introduce them, the mummy cat is Reni, the golden coloured one. The daddy cat is Romi and he has two odd coloured eyes. The other mancat is Chin Peng and kakak seems to like him very much. The other ladycat is Angel and she is really pretty. All of them are so well behaved. Umi doesn't want them to get out because she doesn't want them to "sweep the floor with their bushy tails. They stayed quietly in Kakak's room but sometimes they try to get out from the room. They were named by their owner. I guess if umie's the one who will give them names, it will be something very human-like ; like mine, Alif, Auni and Khayla :p

The Daddy cat : Romi

I guess it is enough for the introduction as I just got to know them for a short while. I will talk more about them when I get to know them more ;)

Until we meet again. Have a nice day and take care...


Mahzuz and the 'gang'

14 February 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday To Mahzuz!

My birthday: Surrounded by my furry-friends and they sang the birthday song to me hehehehe

Salam and Hello to all our friends :)

I am very happy today :) because today is my special day... I don't have to tell because the pictures speaks for itself :D

The cake taste yummy :p

Today, everyone all over the world is celebrating the Valentine's Day but for us, we are celebrating my birthday :p I am now two years old. I am glad that I am still here living with my human family. my big thank you to Kakak who brought me home and was patient with all the silly things I did such as pooping and peeing any where I liked :p

Alif and Yoruhime joined me and ate the cake too :)

I am really naughty but they still love me very much. I will try not to make my humans get angry with me. I want them to love me more :D Actually I know that their love to me is unlimited... they will do anything to make me feel good but I still never listen :/

Mahzuz: My special birthday cake ;)

For my 2nd birthday, umie baked a special cake for me. I would like to share the recipe so that anybody who is interested to try can try it as it is not difficult ;)

The recipe:


500 gm steamed fish meat.
3 large eggs
mould (to put the mixtures)


1. cut the steamed fish meat into small pieces
2. beat the eggs in a bowl
3. add in the steamed fish meat in the eggs
4. grease the mould, pour the mixture
5. steam until cooked and decorate it as you like


Until we meet again in the next entry, we wish you all a very nice day :p

Take care


Mahzuz & gang :)

9 February 2011

We named her Khayla :)

Khayla: the medicated cream was applied on her face and body :D

Salam and Hi to everyone...

As some of you might know, we are all still very sad with Envy's death :(( Of course we could not easily forget her, especially umie... after only 6 days after Envy went to the rainbow bridge, a female cat suddenly appeared at our back door. We've never seen her before, we don't know where she came from... the first time we looked at her, we felt sorry to her... she really needed help but it was very unlucky that none of the nearby vet clinic was open due to the Chinese new year break and long weekends.

Umie asked Kakak to feed her and make sure that she will not run away. Umie did not cage her because umie didn't want her to be scared or traumatized. On Monday, umie and kakak took her to the vet. She was given an injection to cure the fungi on her face. She also had a burn scar on her body and her paws of her left hind leg was chopped. However the vet said it was self healed :(( I cannot and do not understand why someone could do this to an animal. Sometimes I wish someone would do the same to those people, what they have done to those poor animals (I have gone through it before Kakak met me), but I know it is not the correct way...

Khayla: her hind leg's paw was chopped and burn scar on her body :(

After 3 days she was given the injection and applied some medication cream on her face and body, she is now getting better. Yesterday Kakak washed her because she was a bit smelly :/ and she even stayed the whole night in the bed room. Umie just let her roam freely in the house to let her feel that she is now safe. Hope she will get better and get back her prettiness :p Umie also found a nice name for her --> Khayla (it means PRETTY).

* Auni still continues having her cold and Alif got scratched on his left eye but he was given the eye drop and we hope he will get better.

Until we meet again in another entry, we wish all of you a very nice day...

Mahzuz and the gang

7 February 2011

Concussion 1000 Blogs!!! By Ben Ashari - GEGAR 1,000!!. BLOG OLEH BEN ASHAARI.

Salam and Hi to all...

Today, this entry is about Ben Ashari, a Malaysian blogger who is trying to gather 1000 blogs/bloggers. Actually umie has no idea how it is, however umie still wanted to support his project :) therefore umie put up this entry.

Hope anyone who interested to join could do the same... :)

Until we meet again... Take Care

*Umie is still sad whenever Envy came across her mind :( Therefore we are trying very hard to make her happy :)
This is a project to gather 1000 blogs/bloggers by Ben Ashari.


Dan linknya (And the link is here) di sini.....

Tarikh tutup (Closing Date) - 9 . 02 . 2011, Jam (Time) 6 petang (pm)...

3 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 A Year Of The Rabbit

Salam and Hello to all our friends :)

We would like to wish all of you a very Happy Chinese New Year... especially to our friends who are celebrating this special festival :)

Xing Yun (the Mandarin Chinese word for 'lucky') was posing and wearing her cheongsam and the rabbit's years special for this 2011 Chineses new year...

This year the Lunar New Year falls on February 3rd and it is the most important festival of the traditional Chinese. The Chinese New Year consist of a period of celeRabbition, starting on new year's day. It means that the new year will be celeRabbited on the fisrt day of the month of the Chinese calender.

the Rabbit is the fourth of the 12 Chinese zodiac (Rat, Ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig). Ancient Chinese believed there was a rabbit living on the moon.

In Chinese culture, rabbits can be used to symbolise the moon. They could see it on the shiny full moon on mid-autumn day (the 15th of the eight months in the Chinese lunar calender.)

Rabbits, especially ones with white fur, are also a symbol of longevity in traditional Chinese culture. The ancient Chinese believed it was the incarnation of Alioth, the brightest stars of the Triones.

It was said that people born in the year of the rabbit are the luckiest among 'the 12 animals'. The rabbit is a symbol for mercy, elegance, amiability and worship of beauty. People born in this year are kind, speak gently, peaceful, quiet and loving person.

Until we meet again in the next entry, wish all of you a happy holidays :)

Love from all of us :-*

Mahzuz and Co