22 January 2010

This is the answer!

Cik Mat Gebu orangnya pemalu
Banyak disimpan koleksi nyonya
Teka-teki di sini sudahpun berlalu
Gambar di atas itulah jawapannya

"Guess what it is?" has already passed... Thank you to all our friends who gave comments and participated in the quiz. We really hoped that all of the participants could answer correctly. It juts goes to show how creative you people are! It's true, some of the participants answered the ingredients correctly but did not get the 'food' correctly. What kakak made was 'jemput-jemput' or 'cekodok'.

On that day, umie made 'jemput-jemput' with fresh 'udang geragau' but kakak did not like it so she decided to make her own 'jemput-jemput' mixture. Later we had a competition, who's 'jemput-jemput' is liked more by the other girls and ayah. We let them taste our different versions of jemput-jemput without telling them who made it. After they had eaten we asked which one they like more. Finally they chose Kakak's jemput-jemput' than umie's :((

The ingredients are:

plain flour
crab sticks
dried shrimps
soy sauce
baking powder

From the quiz we have two winners. They are Leyza and ~*ca*~ and we hope they could contact us to collect their 'prize'. For those who were not fortunate to win, we hope you try again because we are planning something similar on Mahzuz's birthday. Please join again.

Thank you for all who have supported us with the participation :)

*sorry for the late entry, we have been busy with lots of other things.

18 January 2010

Guess what is it? Hadiah menanti anda!

Bersama KakChik telah bersemuka
Suasana keluarganya amat meriah
Pengunjung semua bolehlah meneka
Jawapan yang tepat diberi hadiah

Last weekend umie and kakak tried making something to eat. Kakak doesn't want the way umie makes it so she wanted to make it her own way. Below is the picture of the mixture that kakak made. Anyone is welcome to guess what is the mixture for and what kakak is trying to make...


This is the picture of the mixture (click picture to enlarged)

Ok... Here are the questions.

What food did kakak make?
What are the main ingredients she used for the food?

I think those two questions are enough. Anyone who gets the answers right will get a hand made ornament by kakak. All the winners can request a message (not more than five words) or their blog url to be written on the ornament. Please write words that want to be written in the comment section. (See pictures below - sample present for the winners)

This n3 will last on 20th January 2010.

* The first person answered correctly will get a mystery gift too!

Can hang it... and will try to add some magnets (if possible) so that it can be a FM too!



Sample: Words that can be written on it ;)

7 January 2010

Time flies so fast...

Me and Mahzuz warming up after taking a bath.

Hello everyone, time flies so fast... it's already almost 1/2 month we are in the year 2010. I really hope that this year will be a better year for all of us. Today, I will be the one who will write on umie's blog. I am just like Mahzuz, using my telephaty ability to pass down all the words to Kakak so that she can put together all the words nicely for me. Actually I'd like to do it myself but I have problem with umie's lappy - so tiny!

As some of you have already known, my name is Xing Yun, a few days ago, Umi had gotten sick and tired of Mahzuz's pooping(again) and weeing (again!) oh dear, so she did what she had to do, she punished him by locking him outside at bed time. I feel so lonely by myself upstairs Kakak and Kakdik don't know how to have fun like me and my best friend, Mahzuz.

Mahzuz and I are always playing together at night, we jump here and there, once, Mahzuz and I were so carried away that we mistook Kakak's face for a pillow and jumped on it while she was sleeping by mistake, Kakak got angry with us because we were playing chase in her room and made her room really messy. She grabbed the both of us who were hiding under her bed and put us outside. She then locked her door but I guess she didn't realise that she hadn't shut the door to the toilet hehehe.

Back to me and Mahzuz, as I was saying, we play together at night when everyone is asleep. We do it every night but now, because Umi locks Mahzuz up, we can't play together anymore. I get so bored upstairs. I'd have gone downstairs and saved him if I could but there were just too many obstacles (more like too many cats) so I just stayed quietly in Kak Adik's room.

this morning, Mahzuz broke out from the cage and came upstairs, I was so happy. We then played together as usual and Kakak's shoked face when she saw Mahzuz this morning was priceless. Me and Mahzuz could play together happily after Kakak and Baby left for school.

I think it's enough for now. I don't want you people to get bored reading this entry. Me and Mahzuz will always be happy to take over umie's blog entry whenever umie hasn't got the time ( actually she is lazy :p hehehehehe ).

* Just want to tell you people that Mahzuz's new year resolution is not to poo and wee in the house anymore! Just wait and see hehehehehe ( I copy how umi giggling -> hehehehehe )

1 January 2010


Noreen menyediakan sambal ikan
Tidak lupa dimasak tauhu berinti
Selamat tahun baru umie ucapkan
Semoga kehidupan tambah bererti

2010 is now here... it's been so quick that i didn't feel that I have miss 2009! There's lots of things that have not been done :( I'll make sure that 2010 will be a better one.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year! May 2010 bring more joy to all of us!

Envy : Happy new year to all !

Itni : I'm learning to use the computer, so look forward on seeing entries by me :)

Chiku : I'll be 3 years old in 2010!

Mahzuz : Baby/Adlin spelt my name wrong up there!

Xing Yun : .........meow...