16 June 2010

A long silence...

I was so tired and sleepy :/

Salam to all our friends out there. It's been such a long silence since the last entry. I don't have idea what to write... I have no story to tell... so i just keep silent :p

Umie is busy with her routine and even during this school holiday she still has to do the same routine because all our human sisters still have classes and tuitions to attend. For us, the cats, we also have our routine too and as usual we play, eat and sleep :D hehehehe

I want to help umie to call Mak Busu :D (that's umie next to me)

Before the weekends, umie plans to go back to Singapore to visit our grandparents because they are not well especially our granddad :( Umie has been thinking about who will look after us when they are away :-S errrmmmm as usual umie will ask her youngest sister (Mak Busu) to look after us but until today umie couldn't get to contact her... She must be very busy too...

Hello.... Mak Busu... are you there??? Please pick up the phone! :(

We don't want to be put in the boarding because we will be caged for days... We hate it so much because we cannot play freely as we like! Please... look for Mak Busu and tell her that we need her to look after us. Please... we want to stay at home...

OK guys... have a nice day :)