20 April 2011

Where is Chiku? :(

Assalam and hello...

It's already a week since our Chiku went missing. Until today, we still hope he will come back. We have looked arund for him but we failed to find him :((

All of us are very sad and umie still keeps the chicken's keels that she steamed for Chiku the night before he was missing. Umie didn't let us to have it because she hopes Chiku will return home. We don't know, how long she will keep it in the freezer :? We understand it and we don't mind at all. Moreover we have enough food and can eat at any time we like ;)

As I have mentioned in my last entry, when I knew Chiku was missing, I spent most of my time at home. I do go out for a while but I'll make sure I am around in the house, especially when umie is at home. I know, umie will feel better when she sees me in the house. That make me feel better as well :p

What has actually happened to Chiku? No one knows because he just disappeared without any notes or signs :( What ever it is, we keep praying for his safety. Some people said that he might already be at the rainbow bridge :(( If it's true, we hope he's happy over there, playing with Itni and Envy, his best friends since he was little... One day I might go to the rainbow bridge too and hope all my beloved sisters and brothers wait for me and cross the rainbow bridge together with me... Oh no! I shoudn't talk about it... umie doesn't like it :p

Some people say he might already be at the rainbow bridge :(

Please pray for our Chiku... wherever he is, wish him safe and peace...

Take care... hugs and love from Mahzuz and the gang :-*

15 April 2011

Breaking News: Chiku is missing :(

This is Chiku when he was small

Assalam and Hello to everyone...

I am here to ask for all our friends prayers and purrs for our big brother Chiku.

13 April - Chiku did not come back home :(

Last, we saw him was in the morning when ayah fed us our breakfast. As usual Chiku did not eat because he only wanted to eat steamed chicken. At that time umie was so tired, since she just came back from the airport to drop the Indonesian lady. Therefore umie straight away continued her sleep. When umie woke up, umie had to go out with kakak and ayah too, had something to do outside. So as usual, all of us will stay at home for awhile and we are big enough to look after ourselves. When umie came back late in the evening, umie noticed that Chiku was not home. Umie tried to look for him but he was not anywhere in the house or in front of the house as usual. Umie kept looking for him until late at night but still has no sign of him. All of us were so worried. Until now Chiku is still missing...

Umie and kakak are so sad because they don't think anyone would kidnap him because he has been in and out since the first time he stayed in this house. Umie and kakak have looked and asked around the neighbourhood and still can't find our Chiku :(

When he was little, Chiku liked to play with TORTISE

How could umie and kakak did not worry of him because he's not very well. He has to take his medicines thrice a day. It's umie and kakak's routine to feed him and to make sure he eats his medicine and food. Therefore when Chiku went missing umie and kakak just couldn't close their eyes...

Since Chiku was missing i did not hang around out side very much. I spent most of my time at home and i even laid down next to umie everytime she performs her prayers. I wanted to tell umie that i am still around and will support her during this time. I don't want umie to be more worried if i am also not at home.
Chiku: He's cute right!

14 April - Keep looking for Chiku

Umie, Kakak and minus Ayah still kept looking and asking our neighbours if they have seen Chiku but they got a negative feedbacks. None of the neighbours said they've seen Chiku on the day he was missing :(( However umie and kakak did not give up. They kept on looking, they walked around the neighbourhood hoping they would find Chiku. Alif, Yoruhime, Auni, Nimra and myself walked with umie and kakak to look for Chiku. It's quite a long way but we still wanted to look for him. We sniffed here and there, that made umie and kakak thinkt that we smelt something of Chiku. Sadly after a long way walking, we did not find him. Therefore umie decided to go back home and will continue to look for him again...

15 April - Still hoping Chiku returns home

Kakak can't sleep well the whole night, she kept thinking of Chiku's safety. Therefore very early in the morning kakak went out to search for him. Just like yesterday, kakak did not find him and that made kakak feel really sad. What else could we do to find our Chiku???

Some people said that, some cats when the time comes for them to die, they will disappear... That's what they believe in their culture. When umie and kakak were told about that, they became more sad because they don't want to lost him, especially without saying good bye :((

Chiku: handsome boy ;)

Do you believe what those people believe? Please, i hope umie and kakak will be at my side when the time comes for me to leave this world. I don't want them to worry... I know if i am dead, they will get sad but at least they know that i am not in this world anymore... just look at Fatimah Megumi, we don't know what actually had happened to her... Now Chiku is missing like Fatimah Megumi too... Until now umie and kakak still hoping Chiku and Fatimah Megumi will come back...

Chiku... please come back

We hope that Chiku will come back home safely... Please keep praying and purring for our Chiku to come back... He needs his medicine and actually he's recovering slowly from his illness...

Until we meet again, hugs and kisses from me (Mahzuz) and the gang...

The memory: Me playing (attacking) Chiku - In this picture, I was still little

8 April 2011

April - A week Entry -

Assalam & Hello to everyone...

I hope all of you are happy and in good health. As for us here, we are all doing well too. From the tittle of my post, i will write few things to share ;)

1st & 2nd April

Our umie and umi Teh's birthday. We hope both umie's and umi Teh's dreams will come true. During umie's birthday, she was not around, she attended a wedding ceremony in Besut and she stayed in Kota Bahru. When she was in KB, she met her sister in-law with two little girls. Umie came back on the 2nd of April and she got a big kiss (Meowwwwwwwwww) from me because that's all I can give her hehehehhe :D

4th April

Umie got a visitor from Indonesia. She was umi Teh's friend's cousin sister. She has something to do in KL but she doesn't know anyone in Malaysia so umie invited her to stay with us while she is here. She looks nice but actually she doesn't really like cats :( I could know it because everytime i tried to come near her she will avoid me :(( Anyway, she does not do anything that hurt us but she did lock all the bedroom windows and that made Xing Yun unable to get into the room. While she is here, Xing Yun and Chin Peng have to share bed room because the lady is using Xing Yun's room :D

6th April

The Indonesia lady went to Singapore so Xing Yun got back her room. Xing Yun seems very happy to be in her room again. If not she will be bullied by Chin Peng :( Lately Chin Peng becomes very aggressive... I really pity Xing Yun because she has'nt got anyone to turn to accept me but yet i always hanging out :/

8th April

Umie and kakak will take me, Chin Peng and Xing Yun to the vet. It's only us that haven't got our spot-on combo yet because during the time umie took the others to the vet, I was not at home.... Actually i am thinking of going out for a while because the vet will only open at 10 am hehehehe :D However I heard umie telling kakak to lock me when I am at home because I like to hang out at the empty house few blocks from our home. Yesterday kakak went to the empty house to look for me. Yeahhhh I was there. I haven't seen kakak for a while since I've been busy with patrolling the road so when i saw her I said hi and followed her home :p

That's all i can write for this week... until we meet again, have a happy and wonderful day :)

Hugs & love

Mahzuz & the gang