31 January 2011

Rest In Peace Envy Darling... :((

Envy's grave :(

Salam & hello to all our blogger friends...

We would like to thank all of you for your prayers and purrs given to Envy. It is really sad that Envy has now passed over the Rainbow Bridge :( The vets already tried their best but God loves her more... Umie felt very sad that Envy passed away in the vet clinic :(

If only we knew that our time together was near, we would have done things differently. We would stay the whole night next to her but we thought she would be alright :( Never came across our mind that Envy would leave us this soon.

Envy dear, you will be missed... All the sweet memories we had will stay deep in our heart. We want you to rest in peace... Kak Adik and her cousin were digging Envy's grave. We want her to always be near us although she had passed over the rainbow bridge. Therefore we buried her in our small yard next to our beloved Itni.

Now Envy could play withh Itni and the other over the rainbow bridge. Both Envy and Itni rest next to each other...

Last hugs and kisses for our beloved Envy... Umie will miss you very much because you massaged (paw knead) her every day... After 30 years (umie lost her cat that could paws kneading, then you came and now you left...) Who will replace you? when will umie find a cat that is very sweet, lovely and clever like you?

Bye darling Envy... Rest In Peace...

30 January 2011

Prayers and purrs need for Envy

Envy lost her weight

Salam and Hello to everyone...

We are all very worried about Envy. She's already warded in the clinic for three days due to the jaundice :( We really hope that she will recover because from the vet inspection, her jaundice is a bit serious. All her body is very yellow including her toungue, gums and eyes :(( that's not a good sign for those who are attacked by jaundice :(

Envy in the vet clinic

Umie did not notice Envy having this health problem because she did not show any behavior change. She would walk with umie to her car every time umie goes out and she would wait for umie when umie came back... She would also massage (paw kneading) umie everytime umie rests on the sofa. She even ate as usual although, umie noticed she ate with a very slow pace. Umie did not suspect anything because we like to get bored with our food so we would always eat very slowly :p

Mahzuz: I lost my weight too :(

However, when Envy massaged umie for only a few kneadings, it seems very unusual so umie asked Kakak to check if Envy was having a fever. Kakak noticed that Envy's ears were very yellow and umie got very panicked! because all the vet clinics were closed. Umie and Kakak had to check on Envy every hour and gave her isotonic water to make sure she would not get dehydrated. Luckyly Envy could still survive until morning.
Umie took Envy to the vet and hoped she would get help. Since all of us needed our regular deworming, while Yoruhime, Alif and Chiku needed their vaccine so umie took all of us to the vet too! For Auni, since umie took her home, she is still not very well. Umie has to take her to the clinic again and again :(( Hope she will get well...

Here are our pictures during the visit to the vet clinic :)

Yoruhime looks like Xing Yun and for this visit, Xing Yun refused to take picture :p She can't accept and still doesn't likes the new members of the family :(

Auni has been not well since she joined our family and we really hope she will be healthy. Today umie will take her to the vet again. If she's still doesn't shows any improvement, the vet will give her a 'stronger' medicine :/

For our big brother, Chiku which is having FeLV, he's maintaining his health but his mouth ulcer is still there and he seems to be suffering it so much. Umie has to feed him with some medication everyday and it's not an easy job as he's very fierce and doesn't like to eat his medicine.

Mahzuz: Thanks that I am healthy although I lost my weight

At the moment, me and Xing Yun are fine... we just need our regular deworm and vaccine only... hope we will keep being fit like we are now :)

Until we meet again... Hugs to all >:D<


Mahzuz and the 'gang'

25 January 2011

Alif - our new member in the family :)

Salam and hi to all our blog friends :)

In this entry, I would like to introduce our new family member, ALIF ( which means; good friend). He joined our family last week. Umie took him home from Skudai, Johor which is almost 350km from here. Umie thought that he's so special because he came from no where, and suddenly jumped on umie's lap when umie was waiting for Kak Baby from her school.

In my previous entry, I did mention umie and ayah going to visit kak Adik and Kak Baby because they are now schooling in Johor. While umie was waiting for Kak baby to finished her class, from no where came Alif jumped on umie's lap and was as if 'looking for something'. He acted so funny that umie just couldn't stop laughing. He nuzzled at umie's and sucking as if he's milking with his mum :p Umie said that she just let him did it until kak Baby came out from her class.

Alif's behavior attracted other people who were waiting for their children and some of them thought that Alif was umie's kitten and they thought Alif was acting funny and cute. Some of them took pictures and videos from their phone of Alif 'breast feeding' with umie :D It's really funny isn't it? Umie just couldn't bear to leave him there because umie knew that Alif was missing his mummy so much. Therefore umie decided to take him home.

It was quite a long journey from Skudai, Johor to here but Alif behaved very well. He did not feel scared at all. Umie said he just sat at the rear seat quietly until they arrived home. He's is really funny because he still keeps looking and doing 'the sucking' every time he wants to sleep. Even though actually he's just sucking at umie's clothes but umie still has to treat him. Umie said he reminded umie of those days when umie breast fed our human sisters :p

That's all about Alif, we hope he will stop acting like a little kitten. Now I guess that you all could see from our pictures that we are wearing our new collars. Finally umie managed to complete it but umie decided not to use the colours as umie planned before. Umie thought that we could share the colour so I shared with Chiku, Envy shared with Xing Yun and Auni shared with Yoruhime. It's only Alif that hasn't got any yet because umie has yet to get the alphabets from the shop first. Umie bought the alphabets before Alif joined us...

Now our family is growing... and maybe it will grow bigger. Please pray for our good health so that we will not burden umie with the medical bills... Thank you :) Until we meet again in the next entry. Wish all of you a nice day.

Take care

Love from us,

Mahzuz and the "gang"

22 January 2011

New Collar

Yoruhime: Can't wait to put on her new collar :p

Salam and hi to all our blog friends :)

In my last entry, I mentioned about the collar that umie and kakak were doing for us. Here are the collars but until now we still can't have it yet because umie and kakak still need to do the finishing touches :p There are different of colours and of course mine will be the Yellow because it suits and match with my eyes and contrasts with my fur :P

Yoruhime can't wait to have it... She keeps playing with it while trying to complete it so we can wear it :) What i notice is, the collar does not has any bell so it's good because umie and kakak will not be able to hear me when I am walking :p I am not sure if umie will get us bells and put it on the collar too... I guess it will be 'over done' and will not look nice :p

We have to wait until the collars are really completed and put on our necks :p Let us wait and see... Ok everyone, until we meet again, take care...


Mahzuz and the gang :-*

11 January 2011


Hello everyone! This is Mahzuz reporting >:D , as you all know, today is 11.1.11 (it only comes around once every thousand years people!) it's already almost half of the first month of the new year!! . For the past few weeks, umi has locked me up with Xing Yun >:( we are both in Kak Adik's room because Xing Yun just doesn't seem to want to get along with Yoruhime and Auni. So now I'm stuck with Xing Yun because umi says that I'm her "only friend" but it's not all that bad. I get to go on the roof and spy on the cats who live behind our house.

Moving on, I heard from Auni that umie and Kakak were making something suspicious. ( Auni sneaked into Kak Adik's room when Kakak came to feed us) Auni told me that the things umie and kakak were making looked like collars and each one had our name on :) how exciting! I can't wait for a new collar. I dropped my old collar somewhere :P and now I will get a new one with my name on it. I will show it to you guys when I get it from umie ;)

One more thing that I haven't told you is about two of our human sisters are now studying in Johor (about 350km away from here). Therefore we will only see Kak Adik and Kak Baby when they come back here to visit on school holidays. However umie is always visiting them and umie will be visiting them again these weekends. I heard umie talking with Ayah that Kak Adik and Kak Baby wanted them to take us with them this coming visit. If possible, I don't want to go because it's really far and I don't like to stay in the car for that long.

I will try to tell you more about the four tiny kittens that were abandoned by someone at our back door. They were left in a box without their mummy to feed them. Umie was so worried but fortunately our neighbor's mummy cat is still feeding her kittens so Kakak put the tiny kittens with her. It's so lucky that the mummy cat accepts the kittens and is willing to feed them. Now umie and kakak will just leave the kittens at our neighbor's place momentarily. Umie will have to take the kittens back because our neighbor would not want to keep them later as they have already got many cats...

Time goes by so quickly... Until the next entry, we wish you all a happy day... Take care...


Mahzuz and the gang