1 May 2011

May Day = Chiku's birthday... :((

Chiku is not here to celebrate his 4th birthday :(

Assalam and Hello, Mahzuz here to wish all of you a Happy May Day, Happy Labour Day and have a really good rest... For myself, I don't work so I always have good time to rest :D

Today is our big brother's birthday but so sad that he's not around to celebrate his birthday :( Since he went missing on 13th April, we still keep hoping he will come back. Yesterday kakak said she dreamt of Chiku, in her dream, Chiku came back home and he was very healthy. No saliva dripping from his mouth as before. He looks really good. How we wish kakak's dream came true!

We heard that umie said that she will still celebrate Chiku's birthday although he is not around. May be umie will defrost the Chiken that umie had already steamed for Chiku for us to eat... It's really sad and we can only wish he returns home soon... Since Chiku left, I took over his place to look after the others. I will protect them from intruders and outsiders..

Tomorrow umie & her twin sister will go to Bandung for a week. We will be staying with ayah and kakak. I want umie to go with free mind, not to worry about us so I will make sure to stay at home and look after my little sisters and brother.

Ok dear...once again, have a happy May Day and have nice bright day :)