22 May 2010

Envy is envious :p

Last year umie made birthday cakes for her friend's daughter. Umie made two cakes for her because she wanted to bring one to her school so that she could share with her friends and the other one was for her party at home. Last month when umie met them in a party, the cute little girl reminded her parents to ask umie to make her a birthday cake again. Umie doesn't want to let her down so umie made her a double heart shape cake with a little princess on top of it.

Envy showed interest in the cake...Actually she is envious of umie's friend's daughter for getting a cake with a little princess. I guess she also wants a cake like that for her birthday. The problem is that we don't know when her exact birthday is because ayah took her home when she was quite big ;)

It's ok Envy... umie will make you a cake like what Chiku had on his birthday :p and for me... on my birthday next year, I will ask umie to make me a heart shaped cake as well because my birthday is on the valentine's day :D

OK friends, happy weekends and happy 7th birthday to Tihani Ayu Karmila :-*




meowwmania said...

wahh terer umie wat kek 2 tingkat tu yer, bentuk hati lagi

btw, happy b'day to Tihani Ayu Karmila..nice name ;)

p/s: umie jgn lupa watkan kek utk envy yer

Brian said...

Oh yes, Happy 7th birthday to Tihani Ayu Karmila from all of us! Boy that cake looks yummy!

Jacqueline said...

That cake is beautiful=Umi_e is talented at everything she does!!...The little girl will love it!...Hope you all have a great weekend...kisses...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Old Kitty said...

Oh what a BEAUTIFUL cake!!!! Umie's friend's daughter is one very lucky little girl!

Envy - I'm sure the very talented Umie will make you your own beautiful kitty cake! You look very pretty with your new collar.

And Mahzuz- what a wonderful event to celebrate on Valentines's - your birthday! yay!

Take care

Katnip Lounge said...

Mommy is dying for some of the heart cake...Yummy!

umi_e said...

meowwmania... Memang cantiklah nama dia ;)

Brian... Thanks on behalf of Tihani Ayu Karmila

Jaqueline... Have a nice weekends 2u all too ;)

Old Kitty... Umie will but have to recall back her 'birth date' :P :D

Katnip Lounge... :P :D

lupie said...

Umie!! I salute you!
You can do many things!

umi_e said...

lupie... thank you

* just for fun *

Unknown said...

salam umie~

wah2... awak memang pndai membuat kek ar.. nmpak sedap aje... :)

m4rilyn said...

anugerah tu...bestnya
saya boleh imagine je one day leh bake cake n coolies on my own :)

Brad said...

Umie, I don't know which is more beautiful your cats or your cakes.
Equally, I guess :)

meowwmania said...


umie kena tag!

kalau sudi sila jawab..


Papa meow said...

Huhuhu...cantiknyer kek, Hepi besday panjang umurnya2 murah rezkinya...:D

m.q said...

mmg kreatiffff


Good evening!
Beautiful cake.

Happy walker said...

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Brad said...

I bet Tihani had a wonderful birthday with both cakes and Envy will have patience for the next cake . :)


Interesting post!

meowmeowmans said...

Wow! That is a beautiful cake! Umi e sure is talented!

Unknown said...

Wow, great cake. Happy birthday to the birthday girl. You did a wonderful job.

Brad said...

I have some awards for you, for your beautiful artistry and mastery of your cakes.
Please come by and accept them :)

My Mind's Eye said...

Umie your cakes are a work of art!!! Everyone who receives one of them is indeed very very lucky.
Happy Weekend
Madi and Mom


Wonderful cat!

Anonymous said...

Boy Umie you are very talented. That cake was beautiful.