30 May 2010

Tag & Award

This award was given by Brad and umie thought that this award is a great honor because now umie seldom cooks. Thank you very much to Brad for this honourable award ;)

Sorry to meowwmania because umie missed the tag she gave earlier... Sorry again OK! Actually umie remembers that she has a tag from someone but she can't find it. Thanks for reminded umie. So here are the answers of the tag - It is quite a simple tag which umie has to write 23 words randomly that could describe umie. Here are the words...

1. adore 2. amour 3. angel 4. beloved 5. cherish
6.cares 7. devote 8. dear 9.darling 10. enjoy
11. emotion 12. excitement 13.enchant 14. fantasy 15. fond
16. feel 17. fancy 18.love 19. lovable 20. like
21.hugs 22. spicy 23. sweetheart

Umie was also given a Tag by Mumun and the Tag needs umie to write anything using the A-Z alphabets. The complete tag can be seen below...

A- Anil was umie's first cat that could massage ;)

B - But he didn't live long because he got jaundice and passed away on umie's lap 30 years ago.

C - Cats are the animals umie loves most.

D - Dogs are clever but umie got a trauma and phobia since she was chased by a dog when she was around 7 years old.

E - E is umie's nick name and almost 90% those who know umie call he by that name 'E, Sis E, Auntie E, Umi E'.

F - Forever Friends stuff are among umie's and kakak's collections.

G - Good friends are those who are always there when you need help.

H - Home Sweet Home is where umie likes to be at any time :p

I - Itni was umie's beloved cat that just passed away in February 2010

J - Jenny is umie's best friend during secondary school.

K - Kakak has same hobbies and interest as umie :)

L - Lemonade is umie's favourite drink ;)

M - Mahzuz (its me!) is umie's favourite kitty :P huhuhuhuhu

N - Nothing can replace our love for umie :-*

O - Old Kitty is one of our sweet cyber friends :)

P - Peace and No War!

Q - Quickly! That's umie's favourite words :p hehehehehe

R - Rats will never ever be brave enough to come into our house ;)

S - Smiles will keep you look young always :p

T - Take care and have a good rest :)

U - Until we meet again in the next entry :-*

V - Very Soon Ok!

W - Will think of what to write :-S huhhhhhhhhhh

X - Xing Yun is my best friend! (umie said that she is my sister because we are under one roof)

Y - Yes! I agree that Xing Yun is my sister because she is always nice to me.

Z - Zzzzzzz time for me to sleep because I am tired from writing up this entry... So I must stop now...





Brian said...

Congrats on the great awards and good job on the alphabet soup part!

Katnip Lounge said...

Wow! ConCats on your awards and you did great with the alphabet...we were wondering what you would do with "X"!

Old Kitty said...

Oh what wonderful awards!! Congratulations!! Of course umi_e is very smart and a great cook so she truly deserves ths smart food blogger award!! Her cakes from her last post were BRILLIANT!! Yay!

Awww and the alphabet tag is excellent! It's brilliant to know a little bit about you, gorgeous Mahzuz and the lovely umi_e! And thank you for mentioning me! Yay!!

Of course you are umie_e's favourite kitty Mahzuz as well as all your kitty siblings like the beautiful Xing Yun! And Envy too!

Take care

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations on the award=umi_e makes lovely cakes!...A cute post, we enjoyed your alphabet list!...Happy week sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

m4rilyn said...

sis umie,


btw we are sharing sama nickname. E

meowwmania said...

congrats kak dpt award

kreatif jawapan tuh, penin gak nak pk ekk..

kak, tak yg kita bg tanak jawab kew huhuu..

meowwmania said...

ops! silap lak..bukan 'tak' TAG ler huhuu..typing eror

Unknown said...

salam umie~

tahniah atas award yg di anugerah kan pada kamu.. :)

n jawapan tag tu memang berbaloi2.. kalo sy ar, xde ar masa nak terpikir sebegitu kreatif... :)

Marg said...

Congrats on your wonderful awards. You sure did a great job writing something for each letter in the alphabet. That was so good.
Have a great day.

meowwmania said...

very kreatif answer,

akk mmg terer merer lah ;)

two thumbs up!

Brad said...

Thank you Umie for accepting the award.
Your alphabet was great.

Anonymous said...

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FiNi Pelangi said...

huhu,. cpt2,. rindu nk dgr word tu dlm kelas,.