8 April 2011

April - A week Entry -

Assalam & Hello to everyone...

I hope all of you are happy and in good health. As for us here, we are all doing well too. From the tittle of my post, i will write few things to share ;)

1st & 2nd April

Our umie and umi Teh's birthday. We hope both umie's and umi Teh's dreams will come true. During umie's birthday, she was not around, she attended a wedding ceremony in Besut and she stayed in Kota Bahru. When she was in KB, she met her sister in-law with two little girls. Umie came back on the 2nd of April and she got a big kiss (Meowwwwwwwwww) from me because that's all I can give her hehehehhe :D

4th April

Umie got a visitor from Indonesia. She was umi Teh's friend's cousin sister. She has something to do in KL but she doesn't know anyone in Malaysia so umie invited her to stay with us while she is here. She looks nice but actually she doesn't really like cats :( I could know it because everytime i tried to come near her she will avoid me :(( Anyway, she does not do anything that hurt us but she did lock all the bedroom windows and that made Xing Yun unable to get into the room. While she is here, Xing Yun and Chin Peng have to share bed room because the lady is using Xing Yun's room :D

6th April

The Indonesia lady went to Singapore so Xing Yun got back her room. Xing Yun seems very happy to be in her room again. If not she will be bullied by Chin Peng :( Lately Chin Peng becomes very aggressive... I really pity Xing Yun because she has'nt got anyone to turn to accept me but yet i always hanging out :/

8th April

Umie and kakak will take me, Chin Peng and Xing Yun to the vet. It's only us that haven't got our spot-on combo yet because during the time umie took the others to the vet, I was not at home.... Actually i am thinking of going out for a while because the vet will only open at 10 am hehehehe :D However I heard umie telling kakak to lock me when I am at home because I like to hang out at the empty house few blocks from our home. Yesterday kakak went to the empty house to look for me. Yeahhhh I was there. I haven't seen kakak for a while since I've been busy with patrolling the road so when i saw her I said hi and followed her home :p

That's all i can write for this week... until we meet again, have a happy and wonderful day :)

Hugs & love

Mahzuz & the gang


Old Kitty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to lovely umi_e and ume Teh!!!!!! Me and Charlie hope they had a wonderful and very special day!!! Yay!! Happy happy happy birthday!!!!

Awwww poor sweet Xin Yung!! We hope that Chin Peng will calm down and be good friends with sweet Xin Yung!!

Gorgeous Mahzuz!! Please take care when going to that empty house!! We are glad that you return home though!!! Yay for kakak who went looking for you!

Good luck at the vets!! Be good and brave - we hope all will be well with you!!! Take care

meowwmania said...

kak e kite kan tak berapa suka jemput org dtg rmh terutama yg tak suka kucing sbb nanti kita yang terasa dan kecik hati bila mereka menunjukkan rasa kurang senang dgn kucin kita huhuu...

btw, hepi birthday to kak E..smoga kak E sekeluarga dimurahkan rezeki dan diberkati oleh-Nya :)

Rosmawati Yusof said...

Happy Birtday to Ummi. Muga panjang umur, murah rezeki dan sehat sentiasa, aminn..

m.q said...

happy birthday umi e

hugs & kisses,
BoBo Salem & ChaCha

Anonymous said...

mahzuz oo mahzuz pls send my besday wishes to ur umie..may allah bless umie E...n one more thing mahzuz, pls take of urself when u re not at ur home...if something happen to u mahzuz...me n ur big family will be sad..

hug n kisses to all of ur fur family


secangkir madu merah said...

happy belated birthday umi-e... semoga sehat sejahtera dan sentiasa dibawah lindungan Illahi...

meowmeowmans said...

Happy birthday, Umi e!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Its really good to see you! Hope all is well with you too.