31 March 2011

One Entry with many stories :)


Salam and hello to all our friends…

It has been ages since our last entry. We are all very busy with our routines. For me, I spent most of my time hanging around outside. I like to be alone at the empty house, which is a few houses from ours but umie doesn't like it. She prefers me to stay at home. For umie, almost every weekend she’s out to other places. Even now, she has already got her flight tickets for the next weekend to Alor Setar, Kota Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and of course to Johor Bahru.

My entry today be about few things that occurred since the last entry. Here they are:

17 February 2011 – Umie made an appointment and took Chiku to see Dr. Tan. Actually umie got to know about a new antiviral for FIV and FeLV. However the antiviral was still on trial. Umie managed to get the vet's contact number and she rang Dr. Tan to get more info about it. Dr. Tan gave the antiviral and umie has to feed Chiku 3 times a day. It’s already a month since Chiku took the antiviral, it’s difficult to say if the antiviral is working because Chiku’s condition is still unstable. One day he looks very well and after few days he'll look ill. However umie has tried her very best and hopes Chiku’s FeLV will be cured or the least he gets better. Before umie leaves to Johor Bahru, umie will take Chiku to see Dr. Tan again. We hope to get good news from him after he diagnoses Chiku.

24 February 2011 – In the afternoon, umie stopped to buy a coconut drink when she saw a stray cat looking for food. She took some cat food from her car and fed her. When umie walked back to her car, the cat followed her but umie couldn't take her home. However at night, when umie picked up Kakak, she told her about the stray cat. Kakak asked umie to go to the street where she saw the stray cat. At first they couldn't see her but later when umie took out some food and called her, she came out from her hiding place. Umie decided to take her home and now she's become one part of our big family. Umie named her Nimra (tigress)

6 March 2011 – Umie took Auni, Yoruhime, Alif, Khayla and Nimra to the vet. They were to be spayed/neutered. Alif was the first one to be neutered and he was doing well. Khayla's turn was after Alif's but when the vet performed the surgery, they found that Khayla was having an ovary tumor. Beside that she also had a big tumor near her stomach. The vet called umie to enter the surgery room and told umie that Khayla'scondition was very week. The vet told umie to keep praying and hope that Khayla's surgery will succeed. The vet took almost 3 hrs to take out and clear the tumor. Below is the picture of the tumors taken out from Khayla's tummy.

Thanks to God, Khayla's surgery was successful and also Auni's, Yoruhime's and Nimra's. All of them are now doing very well. However before the stitches were removed, all of them had to stay in the cage for a week. I felt sorry for them but I couldn't do anything to help them out of the cage. After all, it's for their own good :) Below is the video of Khayla during the surgery.

9 March 2011 - Romie managed to get out from the toilet window in Kakak's room. Ayah could'nt catch him, he ran away. He got lost! All of us were in panic. umie wasn't at home and Kakak had to look for Romie by herself. Kakak was lucky to have Chiku accompany her to look for Romie around the neighbourhood. Kakak was so proud of Chiku because although he was not very well but he still walked with her. However sometimes Kakak had to pick him up and carry him because he seemed too tired to continue walking. Kakak gave up looking for Romie and she told umie that she couldn't find him. Umie asked Kakak to close all doors and look for him in every room. Finally just when kakak collapsed on the floor, Kakak found Romie hiding under the table in Kak Adik's/Xing Yun's room. Romie... he's been naughty as well...but Angel and CP are very well behaved.

15 March 2011 - Ayah helped umie to take Auni, Yoruhime, Alif, Khayla and Nimra to the vet clinic for suture removal. Luckly Ayah was there to help because the vet just couldn't handle Yoruhime and Alif because they were so aggressive. Ayah helped to stroke them while umie had to help hold their legs. Auni, Khayla and Nirma behaved very well. Now all of them are free to play around.

16 March 2011 - Nimra went missing! Umie and Kakak were so worried but Ayah seemed so relaxed. He told umie not to worry because he knew that Nimra would come back. He said, Nimra would not go away because she now has a place to stay and a family to live with :) It's true, early in the morning, when umie woke up, Nimra was already in the house and sleeping on her favourite spot.

22 March 2011 - Alif was so aggressive since he has been neutered. It's is the opposite from what umie was told which was that a neutered cat will be more tamed and behave well. However it's not the case for Alif... he being very naughty... he keeps attacking other cats especially Xing Yun. It's so sad that Alif attacked and chased Xing Yun. I was not around to help and protect Xing Yun (as I mentioned earlier, I always hang around out side). Luckly umie managed to catch Xing Yun and put her back in her room. Sometimes Xing Yun likes to go out from her room but every time she goes out, Alif would attack her... She got traumatised and she even scratched umie when she tried to run from Alif. Hopefully, Alif will not attack Xing Yun anymore because Xing Yun also needs to play out side too.

24 March 2011 - Chiku's health is up and down :( One day he seems very good but the next day he looks very weak. Ayah helped umie to drive her to Dr. Tan's clinic in Puchong because umie has no confidence to drive on her own. Chiku was diagnosed having jaundice but Dr. Wong (Dr. Tan was away) said that Chiku's jaundice is very mild. She gave some liver tablets and also the FeLV antiviral for Chiku. Umie has to take him to the clinic after a week.

26 - March umie went to Johor Bahru/Singapore to visit Kak Adik, Kak Baby and umie’s parents in Singapore. Romie and Angel are in Johor too. Kak Adik and Kak Baby wanted to have one of them each and they will belong to them. So CP will be Kakak's white cat (I am her beloved black cat hehehehehe).

31 March - Again, Ayah drove umie to dr. Tan's clinic for Chiku's check-up. Chiku's still having the mouth ulcer due to the FeLV he has. However, Dr. Tan said that Chiku's ulcer is recovering although it will to take some time. Chiku was given some other medicines and also continues with the FeLV antiviral.

Tomorrow, very early in the morning umie will fly to Kota Bahru. She will be attending her friend's wedding reception. She will be there for only two days so we don't have to worry :p

I guess that's all I wanted to share after more than a month I did not update our blog. I will try to update more frequently because now I spend more time at home. It's raining almost everyday so I prefer to stay indoor. I don't like to wet my fur and I might get cold...

OK friends... until we meet again, have a nice day and take care.

Hugs from Mahzuz and 'the gang'


Old Kitty said...

Ooooh sweet Khayla's surgery!! Wow!! That was truly amazing!! I'm so so so so glad that Khayla is ok!!

Oh poor sweet dear Chiku!! He is very brave and such a fighter! Me and Charlie hope that the antivirals work. We really hope that Chiku gets better. We hope for good news too from Dr Tan! Thank you lovely umi_e for doing all you can for Chiku!

Awwww Nimra is beautiful!! Isn't she beautiful?? She's lovely and safe now, yay!!! You have a wonderful sister there gorgeous Mahfuz!

Now we think we have all the names of your gorgeous furfamily: Hello to Auni, Yoruhime and Nimra, Angel, CP, Romie, Xing Yun, Alif, Khayla and Nimra!

Take care and we hope that umi_e has a great time at her friend's wedding reception!! Extra purrs and hugs to Chiku!! xx

meowwmania said...

alhamdulillah...berita gembira akhirnya :)

kak e sgt penyayang..

sy doakan smoga kak e sekeluarga dimurahkan rezeki oleh-Nya, amin..

Anonymous said...

ooo akhirnya mahzuz..tiap hr saya mesti akan check blog umie e untuk tahu cerita ttg mahzuz n d gang n setiap hari saya akan hampa sbb blog umie x diupdate..tapi har ni saya happy sbb dapat tahu byk pasal mahzuz n d gang..mahzuz tolong jaga abg chiku baik2 k..kesian dia..n jangan nakal2 mahzuz...


m.q said...

mahzuz jgn la jalan2.dok la rumah jaga adik beradik mahzuz tu :)

sian kat Chiku. be strong Chiku