12 December 2012


Assalam and hello to all my dear friends...

Today is a special day with special date 12-12-12  ;) I don't want to miss this special date to be published in this blog so I force myself to update :D

It has been ages that I didn't update this blog because I am just so lazy :/ I spend most of my time sleeping and relaxing in the room.  We are now 'in-door' cats since umi got to know that there are neighbours that don't like cats. Umi have to lock us in a room because she doesn't want any of us to get hurt.

Now there are only us the furkids with Ayah and Umi in the house. I miss our sisters especially our Kakak because she already went to study in the university. She's now studying zoology. We are happy for her because she got a course that she really wanted. Hope Kakak will do well in her studies. Kak Adik & Kak Baby are studying in Johor Bahru but now they are at home because of the long school holidays. 

 Actually there are more new cats in this house which I haven't introduce. I think I'll do it when umi gets a new camera :P because since she lost her new camera, its difficult to share our pictures here ;) However I share some of my pictures that were taken before umi lost her camera :/ 

I have to stop here... Kak Baby wants to use the PC :D So...until we meet again... Wish all of you have a nice day... 


Mahzuz & the gang


Old Kitty said...

Oh it's so lovely to see a post from you lovely Mahzuz and the gang!! Awww we are so happy you are ok and that umi is ok and that Kakak is studying- yay!!

Awww we are so sad some of your neighbours are not very nice! :-( Nevermind! There are more good people on this earth than bad! Yay!

Take care

Shalalala said...

i will take care of ur kakak here.

meowmeowmans said...

It's so nice to see a post from you. :)

Sorry to hear you have neighbours who do not like cats. That is so sad.

umi_e said...

Thank Old Kitty... you are such a lovely and good friend :-*

Shalalala... We are grateful that you want to take care of our beloved kakak <3

Moewmwoeowmans... Thanks for your concern :)