28 February 2010

creative writer blogger award

First of all, we would like to thanks our friend old kitty for nominated us this award. However we have to answer/ tell six untruths and one not so! So here are what we going to write about umie ;)

1. umie doesn't cook that much now because she's lazy :p

2. umie purpose of ' going out station' is to meet her friends at the places she went.

3. umie will only spend for herself rather than spending on our food :(

4. when she's too tired she just doesn't care about us and she never be bothers to even give us a stroke :(

5. 2010 is the most eventful year for umie and our sisters!

6. like most people especially woman, umie likes chocolate so much :D

7. umie is a full-time housewife, that's why she has plenty of time to hang around here and there :S

From the list above - one of it is not a not so! It's not easy to guess which one right :p

Last but not lease, here are our pictures ;)


Jacqueline said...

Sweet baby pictures and a good list=our Mom likes chocolate too!!...Have a great day...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Amy & the house of cats said...

We think those are adorable pictures! And congrats on the award! We think the true one is that she likes chocolate!

Love Meow said...

awww how adorable :). We love all the pictures. Jackie, Shadow and Flip are sending lots of purrs to you guys!

Old Kitty said...


What adorable pics of Xin Yun, Mahzuz, Envy and Chiku! They're absolutely GORGEOUS!

Awwwwww!! Again!

Oh I think umie likes chocolate! Is that the truth? :-)

Yay! I had such fun guessing!

Take care

umi_e said...


Amy and The House of cats...

Love Meow...

Old Kitty...

None of the answer is correct :p However thanks for guessing ;)

m4rilyn said...

kak umie, your 4 legged kids are very creative when it comes to writing!

keep it up ya

umi_e said...

m4rilyn... hehehehhe :D