22 January 2010

This is the answer!

Cik Mat Gebu orangnya pemalu
Banyak disimpan koleksi nyonya
Teka-teki di sini sudahpun berlalu
Gambar di atas itulah jawapannya

"Guess what it is?" has already passed... Thank you to all our friends who gave comments and participated in the quiz. We really hoped that all of the participants could answer correctly. It juts goes to show how creative you people are! It's true, some of the participants answered the ingredients correctly but did not get the 'food' correctly. What kakak made was 'jemput-jemput' or 'cekodok'.

On that day, umie made 'jemput-jemput' with fresh 'udang geragau' but kakak did not like it so she decided to make her own 'jemput-jemput' mixture. Later we had a competition, who's 'jemput-jemput' is liked more by the other girls and ayah. We let them taste our different versions of jemput-jemput without telling them who made it. After they had eaten we asked which one they like more. Finally they chose Kakak's jemput-jemput' than umie's :((

The ingredients are:

plain flour
crab sticks
dried shrimps
soy sauce
baking powder

From the quiz we have two winners. They are Leyza and ~*ca*~ and we hope they could contact us to collect their 'prize'. For those who were not fortunate to win, we hope you try again because we are planning something similar on Mahzuz's birthday. Please join again.

Thank you for all who have supported us with the participation :)

*sorry for the late entry, we have been busy with lots of other things.


myQza said...

kak e.. cik mat gebu yg pandai masak tu ek?

m4rilyn said...

loh jemput2 rupenyeeee

ME's Delight said...

hehehe..salah ek??oloss..jemput2 jawabnya...xpe..next time mesti betul punyer..

Anya said...

looks yummie.......

Kareltje has birthday today
come to his birthday :-)


beautiful_rose said...

wah.......nmpk sedap lah.
pg2 mcm nieh tgk makann tbe2 terase lapa lah pulak...
mtk hantar kt sini sikit boleh? =p

lupie said...

Looks so sedap! :)

P:S: Thanks for your kind support! Luv ya and god bless! :)

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Nampak sedappppp.

Unknown said...


蛋餅不加蔥Amber said...